Lustfall – Chapter 1

She was comfortably lying on her bed. Silence reigned in her room, the only light came from the moonbeams that entered through the window.

Some kind of fog was spreading through the air and made it impossible to see the floor. The ceiling was an amalgam of dark abstract shapes that were constantly changing form.

It wasn’t the first time she had a dream like that but there was something different in this one…

She was afraid.

She watched the windows opening slowly. A dark blurring mist was slipping through the opening and covering the shrinking light, leaving the entire the room in complete darkness at intervals.

When the windows were completely open, she could see two points of light in the middle of the dark mist. They were like two eyes made of white light, rippling in the dark.

The mist took a more familiar shape around the two light dots. Something that looked humanoid but was swaying with every wave of wind. It was like it was trying to find its true form but couldn’t reach it.

The dark figure extended what looked like an arm towards her, pointing at her body.

“I have found you,” said the shadow with a deep, sinister voice. The entire space resonated with the words spoken, embracing her body in every direction and making her feeling smaller.

The shadow then expanded and extended its touch to all corners of the room, not letting a single beam of light entering the chamber and leaving her alone in the dark void.

She could feel the dark mist closing around her, minute by minute getting closer to her body, till she finally tasted the cold graze of the shadow. In that moment it spread quickly throughout her entire body, sending waves of both pleasure and coolness, one after another.

It was cool and refreshing but also made her moan when it reached under her panties, which she felt already soaking wet.

She took her hands down there in an instinct, grabbing her crotch firmly, trying to contain her impulse to gave herself the pleasure she was looking for. But it was in vain, the darkness found its way into her weak spot, making her moan intensely.

She couldn’t resist it anymore and abandon herself to the pleasure, biting her lips and letting the ecstasy of the moment invade her mind…


Fay opened her eyes with the sound of the town hall’s clock announcing the beginning of a new day.

She felt all her body sticky. She was covered in sweat and the heat was suffocating her. Instinctively, she guided her hand down her abdomen and reached under her panties, where she got her fingers covered in her wet essence.

“Of course…” she sighed. “Another great night filled with my sweet dreams.”

She moved from her position on her left side to lie on her back.

Fay stared at the ceiling. Everything was as it should be, no vague dark figures, no blurry mists… just the daylight beams entering the room through the curtains.

The window was slightly opened, though.

“Did I left that opened last night?” she asked herself. “Whatever…”

Fay jumped off her bed and headed for the bathroom. Apart from her panties, she was wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of socks, her usual uniform for sleeping duty.

She stared at the mirror with her gray eyes, contemplating the mess that was her hair, a shoulder-long of black chaotic strings. Drops of sweat were falling from the forehead across her cheeks.

“This one must’ve been pretty intense,” said Fay as he opened the water tap, taking the water between her hands and using it to wash her face. She reached for the towel near her and dried herself with it. “Gosh, these dreams are gonna be my doom! Damn Debbie! I’m pretty sure your books are the ones to blame for this…”

She came back to her room and checked the time in the wall clock.

“At least this time I’m not getting late for work. That’s something…”

Without further complications, Fay began her normal day by taking a quick warm shower, dressing with her work outfit and getting a simple breakfast comprising in a glass of milk and two slices of toast with butter and strawberry jam. She loved them, Fay couldn’t imagine starting a proper day without her sweet toasts.

After finishing with her breakfast she grabbed her shoulder bag with her stuff and got out of the house, walking down the street towards the library, where she worked.

It’s not like her workplace demanded her to have a specific outfit but Fay enjoyed complementing her job with a proper attire, so she decided to dress accordingly since the day she started. She was wearing a pair or brown shoes with a bit of heel that were closed around the feet. Her legs were covered with long dark stockings which ended under a medium-sized skirt of black velvet. For the upper part, she was wearing a white blouse with fringes and a thin jacket to handle the morning cold.

For that day she decided to have her hair tied back in a loose bun on one side of the back of her head while leaving some locks to fall before her ears.

The streetlights were still lit at that hour in the morning, but that was something usual in Lumnex, the City of Lights. This city was known as the more colorful and entertaining of western Zeolsya. Having most of its shops, pubs,  restaurants and establishments opening both day and night. It was a city that barely never slept.

Many people were out on the street, walking up or down in direction to their workplaces and respective duties.

The blue sky, getting brighter by the moment, was filled with airships, boats made with wood and steel propelled by wind sails and propellers all around their hull.

Now was the time for Fay to begin her duty call in her daily time work as she was approaching the Red Quill’s Library.


“Shakron, my old friend!” said with a huge smile the man who just crossed the threshold of the door and was heading to the table where he was sitting. “Long time no see!”

“We are not open yet…” said one man who was guarding the door but the young trespasser totally ignored him.

The corpulent man with brown skin who answered to the name of Shakron raised his eyes from the mug he had between his hands.

“Joyd…” answered with his deep voice as he fixed his black eyes into the visitor. “You are very brave to come here after the last time…”

The man stopped right in front of Shakron’s table and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He was wearing a long coat that covered his entire body from neck to knees, it was made of a white fabric that Shakron could never recognize.

“Well, what can I say? I have discovered someone you’ll find… appetizing. Look at it as my way to compensate things…”

Shakron squinted his eyes and took a long sip from his drink without taking his look from Joyd. After depleting the content of the mug he sighed and move his look from Joyd to his guards that were closing into them. They immediately stopped after his boss command and moved away.

Joyd grabbed a chair and sat down before Shakron, with all the confidence in the world he pointed to the empty mug and a little sparkle flew from his gloved hand, landing in the middle of the recipient and filling it again to the top with the same liquid it had before.

“This round is on me” added with a smile.

Shakron lifted an eyebrow after seeing the magical act of the man. He stared with suspicion at the mug.

“Don’t worry, just a little teleportation technique to bring it from the pantry, it’s not poisonous… if you trust the bartender at least…”

“I’m the owner of this place.”

“Right! Huh, the more you know…”

“Whatever…” answered Shakron pushing away the mug to the center of the table. “So tell me about this offer you have.”

Joyd shrugged, brought the mug to himself and took a sip from the liquid. It was a strong ale, probably distilled from a local brewery.

“Hm… not bad,” said with an approving nod.

“To the point.”

“Oh yes,” Joyd cleared up his throat. “I’ve found someone that, I assure you, will undoubtedly make you very, very happy.”

“What’s so special about this…?”

“She’s a woman. I know, I know, don’t give me that look. I perfectly know that you prefer another kind of meat… But trust me, this woman is one worth dying for.”

“You make it sound like it’s gonna be a hell of a ride. If you know what I mean… But my experience with humans has taught me that they are never at the same level as us, so…”

“I know what I’m talking about.”

Joyd took another sip from the beer and stood up from the chair.

“I don’t need to convince you. Try it tonight and see for yourself.”

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m gonna enjoy the views of the city, I’m a tourist here, remember?”

Shakron sighed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll meet with you later to talk about the details,” said Joyd as he took one final sip of the drink and put the mug back on the table. “Cheers.”

Shakron crossed his arms as he saw Joyd’s departure from the bar. Then he grabbed the mug with his hands and gazed into its content. It was empty. He swore that it looked half full when the man left it.

“Such a buffoon you’re made, Joyd.”


Fay was completely immersed in ordering the books from one of the main halls of the library and didn’t notice her friend closing in until she was already over her.

“Fay!” said Deborah in a high tone that couldn’t pass for a whisper.

The sudden calling made Fay stumble on the ladder she was using to reach the upper shelves. For a slight moment, she looked like she would fall to the floor and the entire bookshelf with her.

“Debbie… I-I didn’t know you were there…” she said all rushed up.

The woman with red hair that was her friend looked amusingly at her with her clear green eyes.

“Calm down!” answered her coworker laughing. “I have a task for you, coming from downstairs.”

Fay opened her eyes widely as she heard what Deborah was saying.

“Oh, oh my… Let me… I’ll just put myself into it… But I… I have to finish here…” every time she was tasked with new assignments while she was in the middle of another she got nervous and her words found the way to entangle themselves.

“Don’t worry,” Deborah calmed the trembling woman by winking to her. “Let me finish your job here and you head to Miss Ledhart’s office downstairs, they’re waiting for you.”

“Oh, oh, great… yeah, I will do that…”

Fay was about to leave the hall when she turned back to her coworker.

“Is this… Debbie… Do you think I’m in trouble?”

“Why do you think that you’re…?” Deborah looked startled at her.

Her friend grabbed her by the shoulders and looked directly into her eyes. The freckles on Deborah’s cheeks looked like red warning signs of her wisdom as her serious expression fixed on Fay.

“Look, there is nothing to worry about. Just go to the bathroom, take some water in that mess that you call face and then head directly to the overseer’s office in the basement.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good, now go!”

Fay did as commanded and proceeded to her first stop at double speed.

“She’s so cute but has yet to learn pretty much about everything…” thought Deborah.

“Well I suppose I was also like that before…” said smiling.

Fay cleaned up her face and refreshed herself with some water before taking a brief moment to herself. What could be so important to call her directly instead of passing the info by her superior? It wouldn’t be like something top-secret… right?

She shook her head and slapped her face, leaving tiny red marks on her cheeks.

“It’s nothing, damn it!”

She rushed out with a new build up confidence and guided her steps down the stairs to the basement, there she walked across the central hall where other librarians were going back and forth between the offices. All of them were wearing a red quill somewhere on their outfits.

Fay asked on her way to the director’s office and a nice old man gave her directions. She thanked the elder and reached the office in no time. On the door, it could be read “Shannon Ledhart, Novice’s Overseer”.

She knocked on the door and a sweet voice invited her to come in. Fay entered the office and found herself in a small room full of filing cabinets and a large desk with huge piles of folders and documents. At the other side of it was sitting a middle-aged woman who smiled at her when she saw Fay with her brown eyes. She had her gray hair tied up in a long braid that was falling over her shoulder.

“Hello dear, my name is Shannon, please, take a seat.”

Fay nod with a little reverence and sat down on the chair that was in front of her.

“Hi, I’ve been called to come here for a briefing.”

“That’s right, Fayress Sadford…” the overseer was reading a file she had in her hands. “We’ve been expecting you.”

“Oh, am I late? I was just told…”

“I mean that we have been following your work since you started here last year. You really excel in your organizing tasks and prove to have a lot of patience. Do you like what you do here?

Fay was surprised by the question.

“Y-Yes! Of course! Well… I don’t think you know it but I really was a mess before taking this job,” she said giggling. “So yeah, I’m very thankful with the treat I’ve received here and I’m willing to continue doing my best.”

Shannon put down the file and leaned her head on her hand.

“I assume that you’ve been reading the books that Miss Naver lent you?”

Fay looked everywhere without knowing what to say.

“Hum… Y-Yes?”

“And what do you think about them?” continued the overseer, keeping her gaze into her eyes, making Fay feel uncomfortable.

“I-I found t-them quite interesting…? The Aurylei Compendium is in fact very intriguing but…”

“Do you believe in the existence of the creatures depicted in that book?”

That conversation was getting weirder every second. Why was she asking her those questions?

“I mean… some are very interesting to read about… But everything inside that book are myths, right?”

“Many myths are built around legends that are partially true, my dear,” said Shannon as she leaned back in her armchair. “What if I tell you that here, in this library, we do more than keeping knowledge and sharing books?”

Fay giggled again.

“Like dealing with illegal substances?” she joked. Her laugh receded when she realized that the overseer was talking seriously. “I’m sorry… A-Am I in trouble?”

“Oh, my… I read that you were an uneasy lady,” Shannon kept on. “No, my dear, you are fine. In fact, I think that you are pretty much ready for your next step in here.”

As soon as the overseer finished talking, the file containing Fay’s dossier opened itself. Fay was shocked by what she just saw. The red quill that was resting inside Shannon’s chest pocket flew over the table like it had its own will and moved directly to the file. There, like if an invisible hand was holding it, the quill wrote the overseer’s signature and marking a tick in the center of a big square which read “admission approval” under it.

Fay couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched all of what was happening before her. Did the overseer just use telekinesis?

“W-What the… hell?” she shouted as she pointed to the quill.

The quill answered by shaking its body and emitting grumbling sounds.

“Watch out, it has temper.”

“T-This can’t be real…” Fay slowly extended her hand towards the quill. The quill stepped back with a little jump. “I’m sorry” she apologized blushing. The quill then relaxed and leaned till she touched Fay’s fingers.

Fay opened her hand and let the quill stepped over. It made little jumps on her palm, producing little golden sparkles every time she landed. At one point it stopped, turned around and bow before Fay, then flew back to her owner’s chest pocket.

Shannon crossed her fingers and rested her head on them, leaning over the desk.

“As you can see some myths are true, Miss Sadford. Magic exists…” the overseer made a pause to get even more serious. “Sadly, though, not as widespread as it was in the old times.”

“B-But t-the…” Fay didn’t know what to say.

“Look, what we’re offering here is the choice to join us and discover incredible things. What you just saw was a mere trick in comparison to all what you have yet to behold,” the quill grumbled inside the pocket. “a very elaborate trick made of pure love, but a trick after all.”

“So… basically you are inviting me to become a… magician?”

“No, we are offering you to become a sorceress. Of course, if you deny this proposition you’ll forget everything that you’ve seen here… For safety reasons, I hope you understand.”

“A sorceress you say… And would I be able to make those tricks of yours?”

“You will be capable of much more. There are also some responsibilities that you’ll have to stick to… and the contract…” Shannon used the quill to point at one of the filling cabinets and moved her hand as an orchestra director. The drawer opened and one folder filled with a thick set of papers came flying in front of Fay, “stipulates that you shall provide the librarians with some special assignments, it’s all written there. Take your time to read it.”

When Fay relaxed a bit from her shock she began to read over the contract. Everything seemed in order and there were a lot of things that only made her increase her eagerness to accept the offer.

“Where do I sign?” finally asked.

“Just there, at the end of the document.”

The red quill appeared instantly in her hand once again and danced happily between her fingers.

“Hello again, little one. Do you mind helping me fill my signature?”

The quill curled happily and let Fay grab it. She used it to scribble her signature, leaving shiny red strokes on the paper.

“It’s very comfy” mentioned a surprised Fay.

“Yeah, it helps a lot when it’s treated with love.”

Shannon took the contract with her and checked the last page.

“Well, everything seems to be in order… Oh!” Miss Ledhart lifted her gaze beyond Fay’s, looking to the person who just entered the office. “Miss Naver, please, join us, we are going to show our new initiate here how we work downstairs.”

“So you’ve accepted the offer, I see…” said Deborah to her friend. “That’s great! Now I will be able to teach you everything I know without limits!” added with a loud laugh.

“You knew I was going to be told about this?”

“Yeah, everyone here undergoes this process before becoming a formal member of the Quill Sorcerers.”

“So you’ve been here too…”

“A couple years ago, yeah.”

“And she’s become one of our most prominent students,” said Shannon proudly.

“That’s true, I’m pretty awesome.”

“Sure you are…” Fay laughed.

“Ok, enough small talk” ended Shannon. Let’s introduce our new member to the Archiver.

The three women went out of the office together and walked down the hall till they reached the big door that was at the end of it.


Shannon, Deborah, and Fayress stood before the big door which blocked the path to the real library’s basement. Fay never had the chance to examine it closely but having it now in front of her granted the opportunity to contemplate all the engravings made in the refined wood. All the surface of the door was filled with representations of wizards and mythical creatures, the vast majority were totally unknown to her though she could recognize some from the books.

The overseer took her red quill and slid it into the center of the door where an opening led to a slot. The quill fitted in the slot with a clanging sound, it glowed with a golden light for a moment and then a series of bright pulses originated from the slot and went across the door’s surface through a series of linear engravings, till they reached every corner of the wood.

Then the door began opening by slicing itself in two pieces that slid forwards guided by their hinges.

“Welcome to the Red Quill’s archives, the real deal.” invited Shannon.

“Wow…!!” Fay had her eyes wide opened while she looked with awe to the scene that unfolded in front of her.

A huge circular room presented itself before the women. A chamber that went deeper and deeper across many floors, all interconnected through a series of labyrinthine halls and stairs that were constantly moving and changing positions. Walls and bookshelves spun around their axis to orient themselves as the librarians that worked in there demanded. Desks and chairs were flying around to take people from one place to another. The whole room looked like an orchestra of movement where the instruments were furniture and the symphony an amalgam of motion.

“This is just… amazing!!” Fay shouted.

“Come on, the Archiver is waiting for us” Shannon mentioned as she pointed towards the center of the room.

In the middle of the abyss that opened before them was a floating isle with a circular desk in which a young man was sitting, engaged in what it looked like a lot of paperwork with the help of his quill. Next to him, there was a tall woman with blue hair and thick curves. Both were wearing what it looked like the typical sorcerer’s attire.

Shannon and Deborah began walking directly to the center of the room and didn’t mind the abyss that was before them as when they were just about to fell into it, a set of stairs placed themselves gently to aid them in reaching their destination. Fay followed the two woman with caution, watching where she was placing her feet every time till they reached the central desk.

“Took you long enough…” said the man without lifting his eyes from the documents he was working on.

“Don’t be rude, Nathan” reprimanded the woman.

“Oh, for you is easy to say as you don’t have to fill all these papers while work keeps accumulating non-stop.” grumbled the young man.

“Please forgive our dear Nathan. You already know how he keeps forgetting the fact that he owes us his life.” Said the blue-haired woman to with a menacing tone destined for the man.

Fay focused on the woman’s dressing. She was wearing a light tailcoat of brown sateen that divided into three pieces at waist height to fell around her legs. In her hands, she had long silk gloves and her legs were covered in flexible trousers that were barely visible under her thigh-high leather boots. All the clothing fabrics were made to adjust to her feminine figure and emphasize her curves.

“Oh, this would be the new novice, Fay, right?” the blue-haired woman was looking at her. She was just so elegant and pretty, and that outfit added to her haughty attitude made her look like an experienced woman in her field. She seemed like the mother Fay never had.

“Indeed,” answered Shannon, then she reached for Fay to present her before the middle-aged woman. “Fay, this is Gwenvyr Oxorn, the Archiver, and administrator of the Red Quill’s Library.”

Fay felt like she just met someone too much important to kept her nervous impulses in check.

“A-Aye, ma’am! F-Fayress S-Sadford, reporting for duty!” she blurted out and made a rigid reverence before the Archiver.

“Nice to meet you, Fay” Gwenvyr smiled. The way her cheeks got full when the muscles of her face contracted to show her perfect white teeth was too much for Fay. She was absolutely beautiful. For a woman that was supposed to be in the middle of her life, she showed not a single sign of wrinkles or skin deterioration.

The Archiver examined her from head to bottom with her orange eyes behind a pair of rectangular black glasses.

“Hm… you have a lot to put in shape but I’m confident that you’ll become a great addition to our ranks.”

“I can assure that she will be.” Deborah defended her before Fay couldn’t say anything. “I’ll make sure personally that she turns into a mighty sorceress like me.”

Gwenvyr squinted at Deborah as she spoke her words.

“You still have much to learn, Miss Naver.”

“Sure I do…”

The Archiver sighed and returned her gaze at Fay’s.

“We cannot begin your training today as we have a lot of work in here as you can see, so we will start tomorrow with your first lessons if that suits you.”

“Of course, I can’t wait to start exploding things!” said laughingly without thinking. “I’m sorry… when I’m nervous I say some stuff…”

The Archiver smiled as she would have heard a polite joke.

“We can nevertheless go in a quick run to the Forge and let you choose your own quill.”

“That would be awesome,” Fay said with excitement.

“Wow! In the first day?” Deborah asked surprised. “I had to wait till I learned the basic spells to get mine!”

“She’ll catch up quickly, you’ll see” Gwenvyr winked to Fay as she reached her with her hand, placing it on her back, inviting Fay to step forward and walk by her side.

A platform appeared before them as the Archiver made an arc motion with her arm. Over the platform, there was a lectern which displayed a panel made of light.

Gwenvyr and Fay stepped over the platform followed by Deborah.

“Lady Oxorn…” Shannon called for her superior as a folder filled with papers popped up in mid air next to her. “Your signature is required to commit the inscription.”

“Of course, paperwork,” the Archiver said as she lifted up her red quill from a holster she had on the left side of her hip. With harmonic movements of her fingers, she guided the quill to the document which opened itself to receive the scribbled signature of the woman. “That should do.”

“Thank you, ma’am” Shannon grabbed the folder in her hands and began walking back to her office upstairs.

Gwenvyr typed some of the hieroglyphs that shined with a yellow light over the panel. That caused the platform to descend into the abyss three floors till it reached its destination in front of a metallic door with engravings of dragons on its surface.

“Let’s go. This is the Forge. Here you will meet the aurylsmith.”

“Auryl… smith?”

“Indeed, auryl is the substance that makes magic possible. It is said that it’s originated from the Golden Well, a place of legend nobody knows where it is located. Auryl spreads throughout the land from it and we use it to empower our spells.”

“I’ve heard that word before…” Fay tried to remember. “Aw, that’s right! Like the aurylogos tech from Vailtra, is that related anyhow?”

“Kind of…” the Archiver adopted a serious expression. “There are some particular techniques recorded in our registries but many are forbidden due to their nature. The problem with that city-state technology is that we don’t really know their methods on how exactly they exploit the auryl.”

“And what about the smith?”

“Well… let us show you” added Deborah as she opened the metallic door.

The women stepped into a wide room filled with mechanisms made of gears and levers. On the sides of the room, there were several shelves, all of them divided into sections that contained quills in different stages of production. Some were already painted with the distinctive red hue, others still had their original metallic color and many of them were still in process of being polished or crafted.

The sound of metal colliding against metal, pressure valves liberating steam and water boiling up came from the other side of the room. The smith seemed to be working without rest.

A corpulent and muscular adult man appeared from the fog the steam created. He greeted the trio with a wave of his hand. He wasn’t wearing anything above his hip, leaving nothing to the imagination and letting everyone to contemplate his sweat abs, the result of years of dedicated work.

Fay was losing herself admiring the body of the smith that looked like being sculpted by the divine.

‘Gosh, what’s wrong with me these days? I can’t keep it in check, huh?’

“Fay,” said Gwenvyr.

“Aye-aye!” Fay startled.

“Let me present to you Gordon Famrir, our aurylsmith. He is the man in charge with the Forge and the one who crafts each and every one of the quills you can see here.”

“N-Nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” the man replied with a deep and husky voice. “So you’re here to take one of my most beloved creations away from me, I suppose.”

“Hah-hah, don’t listen to him, Fay.” Gwenvyr excused. “His mind is made of steam and metal. Now, my dear, take us to your most refined pieces.” The Archiver ordered as she gently put her hand on the man’s chest.

“As you wish.”

The three woman followed Gordon to the back of the Forge where the storage of finished quills was placed. The man pulled a pair of levers on the wall and the shelves rotated around the horizontal axis to make easier the observation and delivering of the quills that were in the upper sections.

Fay could see quills of many shapes. Each of them had peculiar details which make them unique and distinct from the others. These details went from simple color variations to totally different shapes passing by specific notches and engravings.

She kept looking at every quill that descended before her searching for the one who would suit her.

“That one!” finally said, pointing to a quill that looked to be of an elegant and soft design.

Gordon stopped the machine and let the novice take her new tool in her hands. Fay hold it and flipped it around to admire all the details. Made of red and black pieces of an unknown metal, it was curved from the beginning to the end. The tip was made of three intertwined metallic strings which melted in a sharp end. The body of the plume seemed to be made of five different sections with little notches that marked the ending and beginning of each fragment. Fay loved the touch and softness with a bit of flexibility of the whole piece, she was happy with her choice.

“Good choice. That’s a nice piece of metal. I made it with all the rage accumulated from many bad experiences. It was a good day.”

“Wow! Hah-hah!” Fay checked the quill searching for something she might have ignored before. “It doesn’t look aggressive at all…”

“Try by pulling the switch on the side.”

Fay did as he said and that made the quill transformed itself by opening the sections and sliding them with one another, turning the whole quill into a completely different one filled with spikes and sharp angles.

“C-Cool! This is… I’ll just gonna keep it!”

Gordon made what it looked like an attempt of smiling. The muscles on his face twisted in a grotesque manner that could undoubtedly terrify children.

“I’m glad to hear you like it. Now is your duty to prove that you are worthy of all the skill and dedication put into making that piece of art.”

Fay pulled back the switch, the quill returned to her original form.

“I will treat it with the respect it deserves and make a proper use of its capabilities.”

“That’s everything I need to hear,” Gordon ended. “Misses.”

After saying his words the man went back to his affairs on the Forge.

“Shannon might have told you already,” said the Archiver as the three women were going through the threshold of the Forge door. “But now that you are one of us you will have to take on some responsibilities as you progress further into our ranks. Deborah will fill you in that as your mentor through the first stages.”

“Not to worry. You’re in good hands, Fay.”

“Can’t complain.” Fay grinned.

“Now if you excuse me, there is a lot of work that requires the attention of this humble Archiver,” Gwenvyr grabbed Fay’s hand for a moment. The gentle and soft touch made her blush. “It’s been a pleasure to meet you, we all hope you to become a great sorceress and fulfill your duties with our society. Till our next meeting…” finished with a smiling wink.

The blue-haired woman took the nearest mobile platform and disappeared into one of the lower levels.

Deborah slapped Fay’s back.

“Well, now you are one of us, Fay, how do you feel?”

That was a good question.

“I don’t know… I mean…  I’m thrilled! But also terrified… I have so many questions! I want to start right away but I’m not sure I’m prepared to handle this…”

“Oh, my… Just keep it cool… Everything’s gonna be ok. Look, I have an idea, why don’t we go you and me to the pub across the street when we finish here and celebrate your promotion?”

“That sounds great, yeah… let’s do that.”

With their decision made the two women returned to their respective tasks on the upper floors of the library till their workday reached its end.


Just as she finished ordering the last bookshelves assigned for her turn, Fay dispatched the documents recording her daily routine and proceeded to leave the library. She grabbed her shoulder bag and headed for the exit.

She stopped by the reception where Deborah usually was at the end of her workday but she wasn’t attending that time, instead, there was an old man who looked gentle.

“Hey, Oskar, where is Debbie?” Fay asked to him.

“Oh, Fay, she already left some time ago. She told me to tell you to meet her directly at the pub. She will be waiting for you.”

“Well, thank you” Fay handed over the documents she was working on the day and her work record card, which the man signed before handing it over to her.

“I’ve heard that you’ve been promoted.”

“Word gets around quickly, huh?”

Oskar grinned with complicity.

“Deborah told me.”

“I’m curious, do everyone here in the library is a… you know…?” Fay asked pointing to the floor with her finger.

“Yeah, kinda. Like you, most of us began as simple librarians and then got word to become fully invested with what’s under the surface.”

“I see… And what about the people who don’t pass the ‘test’?”

“Well, you’ve seen for yourself, that test looks more like a formality so I think that everyone who has worked for the library eventually becomes a sorcerer.” Oskar leaned towards Fay and lowered her tone to a simple whisper. “They won’t tell you this but they need more members. It’s hard to find people sensible to the auryl.”

“So you’re telling me that I’ve been targeted since before I began working here?”

Oskar nodded.

“Like every one of us.”

“Huh, that explains the weird way I met Debbie.”

“Yeah, she has her own odd manners to approach candidates,” Oskar laughed. “But you already know her.”

“Yeah… I’m done here for today. Bye, Oskar.”

“Have a nice day.”

Fay got out of the library and stepped into the street. Everything was getting darker as the dusk fell over Lumnex. Both the streetlights and home lights began to light up the night, not letting the city fall into slumber.

Fay crossed the street to the other side and headed to the pub Deborah mentioned. It was just a couple dozens of meters down the street. She finally stopped by the entrance that lied before the huge graphic sign that read: Imp’s Fortune. Through the street windows, she could see that the place was half full, it always has been a calmed and peaceful establishment.

She opened the door and stepped inside. After a quick check on the locals, she found her friend over the bar accompanied by two young men, one dressed in an immaculate white long coat and the other was a brown skinned corpulent man who had his head shaved. Deborah looked to be having fun with those two.

“Hey, Fay!” Deborah waved at her. “Come here!”

She met with the group and instantly felt the pressure of their eyes on her.

“Look, Fay, these are Joyd and Shakron.” Deborah turned a thumb on the man with the white coat, who was smiling constantly. “Joyd is an old friend of mine and Shakron happens to hang around here.”

Something felt awfully familiar about the man called Joyd…

“I own this damn place. Why do people keep forgetting that simple fact?”

“Aww… grumpy Shakron is grumpy.” Deborah joked.

“Classic Shakron!” Joyd kept on. “Perhaps your attitude is what makes you look scary to customers and the reason why you never get the pub full of people…”

“That’s not my… Wait! I’m the owner, not the waitress!”

“Don’t you mean waiter?”


Joyd and Deborah couldn’t stop laughing. Fay noticed the empty bottles beside them. They had already begun the party before her arrival. Should have imagined it, Deborah was always a party-goer and couldn’t wait for anyone.

Shakron turned to Fay and began talking to her.

“You look like a more refined woman than these two.”

“W-Well I won’t say that much…”

“It’s not that hard, believe me.”

“Don’t be mad Shakron!” Deborah said with her cheeks burning red, the drinks already went to her head. “It’s a special occasion for Fay today, she got a promotion! Why don’t you treat us with some fine wine?”


“T-That’s not a bad idea…” said a blushed Fay clapping softly with her fingers.

Shakron dedicated a quick gaze to her cute expression, then a smile appeared on his face.

“Alright, let’s be gentlemen here. I’m gonna look in the larder for a good bottle. Do you mind accompanying me and help me make a good choice?”

Fay looked to Joyd and Deborah but they were busy toying with one another.

“Oh, do you mean me?” asked Fay.

Shakron nodded with his shaved head.

“Sure, why not, don’t wanna disturb those two…”

The owner of the pub guided her to the back of the establishment, going through a door which led them into the pantry. They stopped in front of a shelf that had many bottles of wine carefully placed over brackets shaped as the cylindric vessels.

Fay read so many good flavors in the etiquettes of the bottles: Luverian White, Scarlet Dalure, Anerve Crimson… Shakron really seemed to have an exquisite taste.

“I have one particular bottle that I keep for special occasions,” started to say Shakron. “It should be around here somewhere…”

Fay noticed a weird looking bottle that stood out from the rest, its content had an odd blue color and something that looked like yellow sparkles were glowing on the surface. If that was wine, it definitely was the weirdest looking one that she had ever seen.

“Is this it?” asked pointing at it.

“Yes! Indeed, this is the one.”

Shakron took it with caress between his hands.

“I’ll tell you one thing,” Shakron took a glass from a drawer next to the shelf and opened the bottle with a popping sound. “To compensate those two’s advantage, I’ll let you take the first glass of this magnificent liquid.”

“That would be great.” Fay grinned.

Shakron filled only a few centimeters of the glass, took a moment to appreciate the scent and then offer it to Fay. She grabbed it with her hand and imitated Shakron, smelling the scent in the first place and then taking a slight sip of the blue drink. It tasted surprisingly sweet with a bit of sour, but it was delicious. As Fay swallowed the liquid, she felt a warm sensation going down her body.

“Wow, this is kinda strong, hah, hah!”

“It gets better with each sip.”

Fay took a brief moment before taking the next. It was a bit addictive and made her want more. On the third time, she swallowed the whole content that what’s left.

“Easy, easy! This can go quickly over your head.” Shakron grinned.

What Fay felt before like a warm sensation caused by the strong drink was expanding to her entire body, making her experiment an increasing heat under her skin. Her heartbeat took a faster pace and her breathing sped up to adjust to it.

“W-What’s that wine made of…?”

“You feeling alright? Fay?”

She was getting dizzy and her head spun. A small sensation of pain appeared down her abdomen, trying to reach deeper.

“I-I need to t-take some water…”

“Of course, come with me,” said Shakron as he offered his arm as support to Fay. He guided the girl back to the bar where she sat on a stool while Shakron filled a glass with water from the tap.

Fay drank it all from a single sip. It didn’t soothe the hot feeling as her pain was spreading rapidly. If it didn’t stop she would end getting all wet like with her dreams. Luckily the water seemed to have a late effect, the heat receded but the pain was still there, calling for her to ease the need.

Deborah saw her friend suffering and came by her side in an instant.

“Hey, are you all right?”

“I think that wine didn’t sit well with her. It’s a shame, she really liked that one.”

“Well… do you think you can keep on Fay?”

“Y-Yeah, just g-give me… a moment…”

Little streams of sweat fell from her forehead.

“Who are you gonna fool, gal? Come on, let’s take you home.”

Joyd arrived just in that moment.

“What happens?”

“I’m gonna accompany Fayress to her home. She’s not feeling alright.”

“Oh, is she okay?” Joyd put his hand on her forehead looking worried. “She’s indeed burning.”

“J-Just a bit dazed, that’s all,” replied Fay. “Need to take some rest…”

“Sure, too many emotions for the day… Let me take my coat and I’ll go with you.” offered Deborah.

Shakron and Deborah escorted Fay outside between their arms.

“It’s okay Deb. Don’t wanna spoil your night here. I’ll go with Shakron.”

“Are you sure?” her friend asked worriedly. “Can’t say that you are in wrong hands, though. Take care of her, okay?” then added in a whisper to her friend. “I know you, Fay, if this is just a temporary daze, don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun, promise me. This is your night after all.”

Fay nodded trying to smile.

“Shakron! Promise me that she will arrive home safe and sane.”

“You have my gentle word.”

Deborah bid farewell to them with a wave of her hand as they departed up the street in direction to Fay’s home.


They were just a few streets away from Fay’s place when she suddenly stopped in the middle of a narrow alley.

“I-I c-can’t go on… I-I have to take a moment…”

The pain was becoming too much to handle. Fay felt like she was about to pass out, she tried to rely on the wall to support herself before falling into the ground.

“Oh, my… I-I can’t even t-think properly…”

“Perhaps you’re not made for strong beverage Shakron told as she gently helped her to stand up against the wall.”

“W-What did that b-bottle contained?”

“It’s made from the essence of slain demons.”

Fay looked at him puzzled.

“I’m just joking,” he excused with a smile. “But it has some hard to find spices…”

“I-I…” Fay found it harder at the moment to order her thoughts and speak words of meaning.

Fay’s body moved by itself. Her hand went instinctively to her groin, grabbing there with all the strength she had, trying to repress her drive as she was biting her lower lip.

“So it’s finally kicking in…” Shakron whispered in a sinister voice as he was closing to her lips. “I won’t lie to you, that was to put you in the mood, but you can stop it whenever you want, heh, heh.”

“I-I don’t want it to stop…” Fay was losing herself. “I want to ease this pain, I need it…” added with longing eyes.

“As you wish then…” she felt his breath on her cheek.

Shakron closed on her soft lips, making his to caress the sweet opening of her mouth. Fay lost herself in the feeling as she stuck her tongue out, tasting the sweet inner sides of his mouth. She licked him, sucked his tongue, moved her lips to feel every part of him.

They kept on with that endless delicious kiss till he moved away to catch his breath. Little drops of saliva drop off Fay’s tongue as his lips abandoned her.

“You are indeed very passionate,” he mentioned. “What the…?”

Shakron looked amazed when Fay knelt before him and caressed his thighs, guiding her hands to the top of his trousers.

“Not wasting your time I see… Fine! I’ll grant you the night of your life and in return, you’ll give me that sweet essence that roots inside you!”

Shakron unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the ground, letting Fay contemplate the thick dark staff that was waiting for her. A strong scent came over from it and made Fay gone crazy. It was by far the largest dick Fay had ever seen, how long could it be? Twenty-something…? Who cared?

She just wanted to put it in her mouth… And she did, she grabbed it between her hands, feeling the firm and hard touch of his member. She moved her hands softly making a couple of strokes.

“Give it to me…” said with a lustful face as she opened her mouth to let her tongue taste the tip of his hard. It had a strong taste, making her wanting more, so she closed her lips around it and sucked it in, pulling back his foreskin with her thrust, letting it all go inside till it reached her throat.

She made all the way back, leaving his penis all wet with her saliva as it went out from her mouth. But she wasn’t happy with tasting it once so she took it again, and again, all in and out till she felt her breath shattering, then she finally took it out of her mouth.

Shakron was all sticky from Fay’s drool.

“Who would have imagined that a shy gal like you hid such a lewd attitude,” he took off his shirt showing his athletic and muscular chest. “This goes way beyond the effect of that damned wine.”

Fay slipped one hand under her knickers, feeling the wet spot between her legs, she reached with her fingers for her clit and rubbed herself in circles.

“Stop playing around and give me your seed,” she said with a moaning voice. Her tongue looked to have gotten bigger and came alive itself, licking her lips for the few drops of pre-cum that he let loose on the frenzy fellatio she gave Shakron.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m dying to taste that sweet essence of yours.”

Shakron grabbed her by the hips and put her body against the wall. With his strong hand, he tore apart her skirt and ripped off her underwear, helping Fay’s hand’s attempt to pleasure herself with his own. He noticed how she was already soaking wet. With his free hand, he reached for her chest, pulling down the brassiere that stuck out on her cleavage, letting her ample breasts hanging over the blouse.

Shakron felt the weight of Fay’s boobs on his hand, the soft touch of their skin and the jabbing touch of her nipples, already hard from the stimulation. He closed his hand around the closest one, feeling the sensible area of her wide pink aureola just around the tip of her nipple, which he pinched with his fingers causing her to moan intensely.

The time for pleasure was close, she could feel it, taste it, there will be no more waiting, no more games…

He rubbed with his staff on her pussy labia, driving her mad with the foreplay.

“Come on…” Fay urged. “Give me your dick, fuck me with your hard! Aaaaagh!!”

With no warning she felt with all her insides how his penis made his way into her, filling every inch of her vagina with his hard. The moment she was craving for finally arrived and without hesitating she moved her hips around, provoking him, feeling the tip poking on every wall of her inner flesh.

“Naughty girl. You will know what’s a real cock.”

Fay leaned for support on the wall as he began to press into her. He rhythmically pushed in and out his hard, making her trembling and moaning with every thrust he gave her.

With the ecstasy of the moment, Fay barely realized how her inner-self was stretching around his cock, sucking it with its own will… or perhaps was him getting bigger?

“Your cock is… a-amazing!!” she yelled.

“Yeah? No man can beat a real demonhood.”

Did he just said…?

“Aaaah, oh… gwaaa…. Oh, my…” his dick was beating like a heart like it was alive. It was expanding inside her and she felt like if it’d keep like that her vagina would explode… But it felt so damn good… Pressing against everything she was…

Her mind was just fire, plain and pure passion heat. His thick cock was driving her crazy… or was it? Something grew inside her, something that didn’t come from his mate but instead from somewhere deep inside of her. It felt like a burst of energy, a wave of pleasure that went across her entire body, renewing her and leading her into a climax like never before.

“That’s it, babe, that’s what I was looking for… Wait! No! I’m cumming so fast…!” Shakron tried to pull out but she would not let him go, she needed his seed, she craved for it and now she would get it no matter what.

Fay couldn’t explain it but she gained a total control of her body in that moment and used it to tighten her vagina around his cock, imprisoning him. Grabbing him with her hands behind her back, she moved her hips onwards and backward till she felt him shivering to relieve himself.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Gimme… Give it to me! Give me your cum…!”

Fay was moaning louder and louder, yelling in her ecstasy of pleasure.

“No! No! You’re a… It can’t be! You were all… Aaaagh…” Shakron groaned desperately.

“Yaaaaah haaah aaaaaaah…!”

His load came just after that. A white explosion of thick sticky cum spread into Fay’s vagina, filling her and even reaching her womb.

“Aaaaanhn…!!” Fay moaned one last time.

Only then she lifted her grip from the man’s hard, letting it go with a wet slippery sound. Fay heard a big noise as the man knelt on the ground, exhausted. She turned back to him to see the reality of what’s been going on.

She couldn’t believe it.

His black skin turned into a mix of dark red and copper tones, his muscles were bigger, his bald head presented a pair of thick black horns that went over his head. His entire body looked sharper and harder, his sinewed arms and legs looked even more as she saw his veins pumping the blood under his skin.

Fay recovered her conscience for a brief moment. She was shocked by the scene. She had been fucked by a demon! A fucking demon! Demons existed, and she was fucked by one!

“Argh…” Shakron incorporated himself and sat on the ground of the alley. “You look so much surprised to see a demon when you should have a glance at yourself…”

Fay didn’t realize before but her nails had gotten sharper with a black hue. Her tongue was now a blue serpentine extension of her former’s that grew between a pair of fangs which replaced the ones she had before. She sensed something odd on the back of her ears so she took her hands over there. She felt the touch of two sprouting sharp tips that were rapidly growing, becoming thin horns that crowned herself as one of those beings depicted on the demonic section of the Aurylei Compendium.

“No! No! Oh my gosh… What are you…? What have you done to me…?”

“That’s not my doing, gal. In fact, I’ve been tricked into thinking you were an easy prey. What is happening to you is that you are becoming your true self, hidden inside you for some reason I can’t even imagine…”

“Oh no… no, no, no… NOOO!!” Fay felt that energy burst coming again, the heat wave expanded through her chest, the tempting pleasure called for her one more time.

“Now it’s too late to even regret my actions…”

She grabbed her head with her hands as her inner essence expanded throughout her body, changing her skin into a crimson red tone.

“WHAT AM I…?” she tried to yell.

But her demonic essence took over both her mind and body. Turning what should be the white on her eyes to an abyssal black hue and her iris becoming brighter with a shining blue light. Her lips became a full black version of her former soft pink’s, the same happened to her nipples which became wider, just as her aureolas, turning into a darker shade.

Fay was being reborn as the demon that has been unknowingly lurking her all the time.


She took her hands one more time to her inner thigh, placing her fingers inside her and opening the labia widespread. A supernatural force sucked all the spare cum that fell outside of her, including the remnants on Shakron’s hard and guide all of it inside her pussy while she made lustful moans of pleasure as she was happily feeding on her meal.

“Yeah, baby… This tastes… fantastic…” said in a lewd tone with her black smile.

When she was finished, she let herself to fall over her knees, sitting over her shins as she still joyfully played with her clitoris.

“Damn you Joyd…” groaned. “You are a clown and a trickster!”

Fay fixed her dark eyes on Shakron’s. The blue shine of hers was mesmerizing…

“Oh, my dear… Why do you look so gloomy?” asked the demonic Fay with a sweet voice “This isn’t over yet… Not for me anyway… So let’s just play a little more, shall we…?”

Those were the words of a complete sex driven demonized Fay who turned again over her partner’s dick with her mouth, playing lewdly over his tip with her bluish tongue.

“W-What have I done…?” said Shakron while he accepted his doom as he couldn’t do much to stop the rampant woman. Every time she touched him with her sticky and soft tongue he became numb and harder to resist her grip.

Those two lied down in the alley, making lewd and wet sounds caused by the rubbing of the playful long tongue of Fay’s against the hard thick dick of Shakron.

It would be a long night for them. Well… at least for Fay. In a way Deborah was right, it was going to be her night after all…

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