Lustfall – Chapter 2

After feeding on Shakron’s essence two more times with her mouth, the red demon on which Fay had been turned understood that there wasn’t much left of the man for that night, as when she was in the middle of her third comeback she realized that Shakron had passed out.

“What a shame… I thought we could have so much fun…”

Fay cleaned the spare drops of white juice on her face with wide licks of her long blue tongue, savoring the sweet taste of the leftovers. She stood up, leaving the body of her night mate in the ground, seeing how Shakron’s body was returning to his human shape.


She looked down to her pussy. It was still soaking wet, and she saw some drops of her own cum falling onto the ground. She took her hands down, brushing the red skin of her abdomen along the way till she reached for her opening.

Her fingers sank into her moist cum and then moved her fingers away, placing her hand before her eyes, gazing at the sticky substance.

It was pellucid and had a strong smell, a mix of her own scent and Shakron’s cum joined with the sweat of both. She couldn’t resist and used her tongue to reach for the sweet prize, licking her own fingers and diving into the sweet taste of sex.

“Ah… If you could only give me more…” she moaned. “Now I must seek another source of life force…”

Fay used her sharp darkened nails to tear apart the remnants of her clothes and strip herself, leaving her body completely naked.

It was a cold night, but she didn’t care, she was fire and lust and that alone would keep her warm till she found a new source of heat.

She took a quick look over her head, glancing with her shiny blue eyes at the windows and service ladders that were all around the alley’s walls. After deciding for one, she jumped into the closest ladder and climbed up to the roof. From there she would have a better vision of the city and of her next victim.


A twenty-seven-year-old woman with pink hair was sitting at the desk in her bedroom. She was so engrossed reading the papers she had all over the desk that she didn’t notice the warnings when they turned on for the first time.

The documents she was reading were so interesting that any kind of distraction couldn’t break her focus. But it was there…

A familiar scent…

The woman raised her gaze from the papers and looked through the window. It was a full night. She had lost track of time once again…

There it was one more time.

The strong and sweet smell of a carnal act taken place somewhere in the city.

She looked back to the other side of the room. There, she had an odd looking machine filled with pipes and the unmistakable golden sparks of auryl being consumed to empower the mechanism it fueled. One of the pipes had its cap opened and was filling the room with the aroma.

“That’s odd.”

The woman stood up and walked towards the machine. She gazed puzzled at the numbers displayed on the gauge.

“Is this thing broken…?”

The machine was connected to a network of sensors placed across Lumnex. Each pipe from the machine linked to a different area of the city through tiny magic portals. The purpose of the machine was to open one of these pipes when someone in the city was having sex. Of course, due do the population’s incline for an active sexual life, the machine was constantly buzzing in the beginning. So she put some filters on the sensors to only throw warnings when a powerful essence like that from a demon was present.

But this time it looked like something more than a simple demon having fun…

Just when she was about to check the origin of the triggered sensor, another pipe opened itself. One which was next to the other that opened before. The woman got closer to the pipe, putting her nose inside the pipe to capture all the nuances from the scent.

The aroma brought a powerful flavor on it.

Sexual desire… Lust… Hunger…

“If this is real… It can’t mean anything else…”

She quickly checked on the machine for the place where the last warning was registered. It came from the public works district, not far away from a residential area where most of the people who worked there had their homes.

“I have to hurry.” Said putting her hands before her, depicting a circle in the air with them. Golden sparkles sprouted from her fingers as she drew a series of glyphs with them. She pictured in her mind a known street from her destination. The glyphs closed around the circle and this became a dark oval that rippled with the image she forged in her mind.

The woman walked through the portal and found herself in an empty street, barely illuminated. The portal closed itself as she snapped her fingers.

“I can’t let this spread or the whole operation will be compromised…”

She used her magic once more to cast a spell on herself. Apparently, nothing happened, but she trusted on her spell to avoid people’s attention. It always worked.

“And now… to find this astray…”

The woman closed her eyes as she let her inner power kick in. On her back, two growing lumps ripped her jacket and spread out as purple wings that looked like those taken from a dragon. She flapped them and rose into the air, flying over the neighborhood buildings.

The woman took deep breaths. Her increased sense of smell would help her follow the scent to its origin.

“Now, now… Where are you…?”


From her current position on the upper roof, Fay could watch all the people’s affairs through the windows of the apartments in the next building. There were a lot of potential victims… Some were sleeping, others were doing late night work, the most interesting ones were already having fun themselves.

She fixed her eyes on two different windows. In the first one she could she a couple having sex under the sheets of their bed, it was being… pretty soft for her current needs… She moved her gaze into the other one, there she had a brunette woman in her thirties. She was alone but Fay could see how passionate she was as she was trying to give herself a pleasure that was evading her.

Yeah… She would definitely do her…

Fay jumped to the roof of the building and descended through the ladder till she reached the floor where the woman’s window was. She walked by the metallic scaffold till she reached for the semi-opened window.

The woman’s voice was barely audible from outside as she was trying to repress her constant moaning.

Fay leaned her head to look inside the room. The woman couldn’t see her as she was sitting on an armchair with her back facing the bed. She had her eyes closed in feeling the ecstasy and her legs spread open over the chair’s armrests. On her hands, she had what it looked like a metallic toy which she was using to tease her pussy.

It was clearly a rushed up situation what made the woman like that as she was still wearing almost all her street clothes. Perhaps she arrived late from work and felt so horny that she couldn’t wait anymore.

‘That’s right. Give in to your passion.’

Fay licked her lips as she grabbed the window and opened it up entirely. The woman was so absorbed in her own affair that she heard nothing. Fay slipped inside the room and moved behind the armchair. She gazed upon the glorious sight of the woman’s playing. How she tried to contain herself, biting her lips, brushing her thighs with her hands, arching her back as she tasted a brief moment of true pleasure.

Fay grinned and moved to one side of the armchair, sat comfortably on the armrest and lean over the face of the woman, opening her mouth to let her tongue touch her lips. Just as Fay brushed her, the woman opened her eyes shockingly, stopping her playful emphasis down her groin. She tried to move and stand up but Fay didn’t let her as she forced her mouth open with her long blue drooling tongue, pumping its way in, wrapping around the woman’s own tongue and merging their mouth fluids inside her.

The woman struggled at first but after a brief play of their mouths, nibbling and brushing each other, she calmed down as Fay’s fluids made their effect, hazing her mind. She accepted Fay’s presence as something that wasn’t out of place.

The red demon guided one hand down the woman’s abdomen to keep the work she had started, grabbing the sticky toy and gently stroking the woman’s pussy with it.

“W-Who… a-are-e you…?” she tried to yell between kisses. The appearance of a red skinned lady with horns and dark eyes would have terrified her any other moment but something she had… Something she was giving her was making her numb and harder to think properly… She just wanted to keep kissing her, tasting her sweet lips, drink her drool, lick her, cherish her cheeks, caress her hot and soft skin…

“Your desire coming true…” answered Fay in a whisper.

“Y-Your eyes… you-” the woman tried to tell as she gazed upon her shiny blue iris. They were hypnotic…


Fay throw away the toy she was using and let her fingers replace it, sticking two of them inside the woman while she used the thumb to find and stimulate her clit, feeling the hard protuberance trembling with her touch. The woman clenched her teeth while Fay rubbed the flesh inside of her, searching for the spot that would make her crazy.

“This feels so much… better than that stupid toy…”

With the confidence of the woman won, Fay sat over her, squeezing her chest into her face. The woman didn’t complain, instead, she grabbed her breasts and kissed them, nibbling one of her dark nipples, to what Fay answered by letting out a loud moan. She kept sucking her nipple with a slurping sound, not letting her go, while her tongue playfully licked the tip that became hard from stimulation. Fay kept toying with her fingers, up and down, doing circles around the orifice of her vagina, testing every wall till she found what she was looking for. That tiny flesh spot that made the woman arch her back like she was about to break in two.

The woman bit her tongue as the pleasure went through her body.

“There is no need to restrain your emotion…”

Just as Fay said her words she left her fingers out of her partner and went down on her with her head. She grabbed her legs and spread them wide open, leaving the woman totally vulnerable to her lustful playground.

“No…, please… let me catch my breath-” the woman begged.

Fay brushed her lips against her labia, moving up and down, with her tongue barely sticking out she tasted the salty fluid that dripped on the sides. She moved her lips up and closed them around the upper area of her pussy, sucking there, nibbling her clitoris.

“Ah… Ah… D-Don’t stop-”

Just as she would have been ordered to do so, Fay opened her mouth and let her tongue out, making a whole circle around before entering her vagina with all her length. The serpentine body of her bluish tongue toyed with every inch of the woman’s insides as she was searching once again for that sweet point that would guide the woman to paradise.

“Oh, my gosh…” the woman yelled as she placed her hands on Fay’s head. “D-Don’t stop, please… don’t stop…”

Fay traced more circles, making patterns with her tongue, drawing letters against the bottom of the vagina. She was about to finish her writing of a ‘G’ when she found it. That sweet spot…

Before letting the woman enjoy the slight taste of the feeling, she rushed with all her thrust against there, overwhelming the area with her constant push. Without stopping, she kept on doing the same thing over and over, making the woman’s bit her lips so hard that a bit stream of blood formed from her lower lip.

“A-Ah, yes… ah… keep it… keep going… further…”

And Fay kept on, with her newly found strength she used her tongue as she pleased, rubbing with an inhuman speed that made the woman reach her climax.

“Y-YESSSSSS, AAAAAAAHHHH…” The woman finally gave herself into the loudest moan she could make, almost ripping her own throat with the sound.

Fay’s mouth was welcomed with a waterfall of fluids coming from the ecstasy of the woman’s pleasure. She swallowed it all, using her tongue to pull all that had been left inside. She moved away from the woman’s vagina with a drip of drool falling down her dark lips.

“Delicious.” She grinned with lustful eyes while savoring the sweet auryl essence contained in the fluids that she just fed on.

The woman was heavily breathing as she tried to sit back herself. Her abdomen looked like a timing bomb about to explode as her entire body shivered with the waves of pleasure that Fay had spread into her.

“I-I…” she tried to speak. “T-That was… incredible…”

Fay caressed her own tongue with her fingers.

“We are not finished.”

She helped the woman stand up. Every movement made her body tremble as she barely could keep her balance. With a harsh motion, Fay tore apart the clothes from her chest, freeing her breasts from the cage of her bra. Fay hold the woman as she was about to fall from the sudden impact, taking her by the hip with her arm and bringing her closer.

“What’s your name, lovely?”

“S-Sarah” She answered with her plentiful lips.

“Hmm, that…” Fay bit her lower lip, showing her fangs. “I love those.” She kissed Sarah’s lips with her own, brushing her tongue lightly with her soft dark touch. “I want to taste what you can do with these sweet lips of yours.”

Fay glimpsed at the bed, showing her disposition to keep on with their shared fun.

“I-I want it too…”

Fay turned the brunette woman towards the bed, taking her from the back. She grabbed her buttocks with her hands through the silk fabric of the stockings she was wearing.

“Ohhhhh… Be gentle…”

She pushed her over the soft blanket. Sarah turned around as Fay stepped on the bed, looking at her from above.

“Now you’re gonna taste me.”

Fay turned around, showing her partner a round butt that jiggled with the motion. She crouched down slowly till she rested her weight on her knees, making her red demon pussy touch Sarah’s face.

The scent of Fay’s wetness fell over the woman, driving her crazy as the powerful pheromones hidden in her fluids and skin sank on her system. Sarah was eager to taste her, lick her, eat her…

“Then you shouldn’t wait anymore,” Fay said just like if she would have read her thoughts.

Sarah then bit her with a soft kiss, nibbling her labia, brushing there with her ample lips, almost covering the whole pussy with her mouth. Sticky drops from Fay’s wet dripped into her tongue and slipped inside her throat, increasing her urge to feel that pleasure. With every stroke, with every rub of her tongue, Sarah was falling deeper and deeper into desire, feeling a growing heat inside her that needed to be pleased.

Fay moaned intensely as her partner worked her pussy, biting her own fingers. She gently moved her hips in circles, teasing her, making her ready to what would come after. She arched her body, grabbing her boobs, pinching her own nipples, feeling the heat building up inside her.

Sarah embraced her butt cheeks and tried to control herself but the sweet taste of Fay’s demanded to go further, deeper, sticking her tongue inside her vagina, playing with the demonic insides that stretched themselves to suck her playful and moist muscle inside.

“Yeah, baby… That’s the way… Do you like it? Do you like the taste of my pussy?”

Fay leaned towards, letting her boobs squeeze over Sarah’s pelvis. Her head went down, searching for the prize she has tasted before.

“Let’s have fun together…”

She made a long and slow lick that went all across Sarah’s groin till she reached her pussy, where she stopped to suck her clitoris. The smell… the slurping sounds, it was so delicious… She buried her head in the middle of her thighs. Letting her tongue dance with her own rhythm, she tasted every spot of her drenching crotch with an intense playful foreplay that she used to lead the woman over the edge.

“Ah… hah…”

The room filled with every kind of moan, slurping, swallowing sounds, kisses… The scent of sex covered the chamber as both women were giving each other pleasure.

“Srlrp esgl aaahh…”

They were driving crazier and crazier every minute they kept playing with one another, to the point where they became insane and desperate to reach their Point of no return.


Fay detached herself from her partner’s pussy, leaving a long string of drool falling between her and her mouth.

“This is amazing… You really know your way into this, Saraaahh-”

She must have reached her sweet spot down there, cause the pleasure she was feeling was overwhelming. Sarah was good, damn good…

“Okay… Let’s settle this…” Fay struggled to free herself from the grip her own vagina was doing on Sarah’s tongue but in the end, it slipped through the dripping fluids.

“No… I don’t want to stop it yet…” Sarah begged.

Fay stood up, stepped back and then sat in front of her, opening her own legs, she used her hands to back herself on the bed and got closer to Sarah. She placed one leg over hers and the other behind her, touching her butt. Sarah moved along, seeing what her partner was trying to do, driving themselves closer and closer till they intertwined their legs and both their pussies touched themselves.

Sarah was the first to move, using all her body she made her labia rub against Fay’s, letting out muffled moans when she felt her clitoris touch against the red soft skin.

“Hmmm… that’s… fantastic…”

Fay responded to Sarah’s efforts by moving her hips, from left to right, feeling the exciting friction of their bodies, rubbing slowly, almost teasing. She enjoyed every second of it as she watched the lewd expression on Sarah’s face.

“My god…”

After all the foreplay Sarah could resist no more and she surrendered to her growing need. In the search for the pleasant sensation she was yearning for, she moved faster, begging Fay to do the same.

“Come on… Ah… Yes… Come on… Fuck…”

Fay traced circles with her hips, embracing her partner’s back with her legs, not letting her go. She began to thrust Sarah without a break. Her pussy was a ball of fire that made Sarah shiver every time she touched her, leading her closer to orgasm. They kept rubbing and brushing against each other till they felt the incoming climax coming over their bodies.

“This is just… incredible… AAAHH!!”

Sarah arched her body, bending backward as she tried to hold on to something. The blanket rustled when she pulled with her hands, her legs trembled with every wave of ecstasy.

“Ah… ah… I’m getting there… I’m cumming…!!”

Fay didn’t stop moving, even after she got Sarah to reach her climax, she kept rubbing with all her strength, not letting the woman take rest.

“Oh, please… no… this is… too much… ah…”

“I’m not done… yet.”

Fay savored once again her victim’s essence as she drained her from the tasty prize she was seeking. The woman’s inner aura grew thinner as Fay maintained her grip, consuming the thin stream of auryl emanating from her. She moaned satisfied as her meal came inside her, filling her body with a powerful sensation she couldn’t explain.

“Ah… ah… aaaaagh, ah…”

Fay decreased her movements when she realized she had gone too far with the woman. She freed her from the grip and let her rest over the bed.

Fay moved her mouth over the woman’s cheek and kissed her there. She was panting, shocked by the merciless assault she had just experienced.

“No… no more… please… It’s enough… I-I… can’t… go on…”

“Don’t worry, love…” She kissed her one more time, this time on the neck. “There is no more need…”

She gently caressed the messy curls of Sarah’s hair, cleaning the sweat droplets on her face with her fingers. “You’ve been a sweetheart…”

Fay lied on the bed next to Sarah and let her cuddle with her red body, resting her head over the prominent red breasts. She embraced the woman and moved her hand softly over the pale skin, cherishing. Sarah didn’t take too long to calm her breathing and fall into a peaceful sleep.

“Sweet dreams,” Fay said with a final kiss before slipping out the bed and moving away from it.


As soon as she was done with Sarah, Fay headed to the window and slipped through it to return outside. Perhaps she would give that couple she saw a chance to spice up their sexual lives. With that thought in her mind, she walked over the scaffold heading to the next window of the floor, just when she heard a feminine voice behind her.

“Aren’t you satisfied?”

Fay turned around and saw nothing.

“Because your hunting ends here and now, proto.”

She managed to see a winged shape coming at full speed from above just before she was hit by it. The impact made her stumble, without a chance to grab onto anything, she fell helpless into the gap between buildings.

Just when she was about to hit the street ground she was lifted into the air by a pair of arms that grabbed her by the neck and the abdomen and used the momentum to crush her into the wall. The dark winged figure released her grip and let her body fall onto the ground from a height of half a meter. Fay writhed in pain as she felt the hard surface and spit some blood from her mouth before standing up. Her head was spinning and her sight was blurry. She stretched her body to assume a striking stance. Her eyes fixed on the dark shape that was floating in mid-air in front of her.

“You will regret this… I just fed… I’m as powerful as I ever was.”

“I don’t think so.” Fay caught to see a mane of pink hair crowning the head of the humanoid shape. “You protos are always so desperately naive when you just turn.”

“I will end you, bitch!!”

Fay jumped with her claws forward, trying to reach for her opponent. She was stunned back by an invisible force that came from the dark figure’s hand, leaving her on the ground again. This time, however, instead of letting her stand up, she was trapped in her manipulation field. The dark woman raised her hand in the air with the palm opened; Fay’s body lifted with the movement of her adversary, incapable of doing anything.

“I will make you a favor, little astray child…” She said as her hand closed into a fist. Fay’s body trembled in pain as she felt her bones trying to keep together under the pressure of the crushing magic. “This is your first lesson.”

The woman took down her hand swiftly. Fay’s body descended and crashed into the ground with a stomping sound. She struggled to keep her consciousness as the overwhelming pain was taking over.

“Respect. Your. Elders.” Said the figure, emphasizing every word.

That was the last Fay could hear before the darkness took over her sight and passed out.


Fay woke up on a soft surface. It felt like a blanket. Yes… her bed, she was on her bed… Everything was just a dream… One of those weird dreams she usually has…

“Oh, you’re awake.”

Fay opened her eyes, shocked. She tried to stand up as soon as she heard the voice next to her. Something restrained her from doing so. She couldn’t move her arms or legs. She felt the touch of a rough surface in her wrists and ankles. She was tied up to the bed.

Something was moving in the darkness.


A bright light suddenly turned on in the ceiling, blinding her with the unexpected change in illumination.

“I must say, gal, you’re pretty tough…”

Fay half opened one eye, trying to force her sight to adjust to the new light.

“I-I…” Fay didn’t know what to say. “Did everything I dream really happened?”


Fay looked shocked to the origin of the voice. Some kind of young woman with pink hair was looking at her, sitting on a chair next to the bed she was lying on. She couldn’t yet discern any details of her appearance, just general colors, and shapes.

“Kind of.”

Fay was getting terrified every moment it passed by.

“So you regained your senses.”

“W-What do you mean…?”

“Look for yourself.” The pink-haired woman made a gesture towards her body.

Fay looked at herself. Her skin was covered in a red hue, her nails were black and a pair of something sharp felt to have grown on her head.

“Oh my gosh!! Am I…? A-Am I a demon?”

“Oh, no, no, no… You are on a path to become something much more interesting, but… I won’t let that happen-”

“What the hell…? Oh, my… Oh no… Wait… What if anyone finds out about this…? What if they see me? What will happen to me…?”

“Hey! Listen to me!”

Fay shut her mouth.

“If you are worried about your state and I see you already are… I’m telling you it can still be reversed…”

“B-But… Is that true…? Who are you, by the way? What is happening to me…? Please tell me anything…”

The woman stood up from the chair and placed herself on the other side of the bed, in front of her. Fay’s vision finally adjusted to the light and she could now clearly see her interlocutor.

The pink haired woman stripped off the only clothing she was wearing, a long robe that fell over her feet. She had a pale white skin and showed a fit body figure.

“What are you doing-?”

As Fay was speaking her words, the woman started to change. She became taller, her pink mane lengthened behind her, crowned by a pair of thick white horns that grew backward. The skin of her entire body turned into a purple tone and the pink hue of her lips and nipples became darker. Two demonic wings grew from her upper back and a thick tail appeared just above her butt, a long tail which ended in a triangle shape with what looked like a black pearl in the middle.

Fay couldn’t turn her eyes away. ‘She was another demon… like her?’

The demon woman had her eyes closed during the transformation. When she opened them she displayed a pair of golden lanterns in the middle of dark globes. The pupils were almost a keyhole inside her bright yellow iris. She fixed her mesmerizing eyes on Fay’s.

“Name’s Valyxa, and you’re like me, a succubus.” A blue long tongue could be seen inside her mouth as she spoke.

“A… S-Succubus?”

“Well… To be fair, we are not quite the same. I am a full succubus, you’re just on the path to becoming one…”

Fay looked terrified at her hands.

“So… That makes me a demon for real?”

Valyxa grinned amusingly.

“No, my dear, we are much more than that.”

Fay couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What a day… First the librarian’s society and now this… It was being a hell of a day, indeed…

“This can’t be true…”

“Well, you better get used to it.”

“Why did you bring me here and tied me up to your bed?” Fay sudden realized what her intentions could be. “Oh my gosh!! Are you gonna rape me?! Help, someone!!”

“Don’t bother. No one will hear you around here.” She sighed. “Look, you better calm down. I’m here to help you out, in a way…”

For some reason, Fay couldn’t trust her words.

“What do you mean?” she asked in anger.

“In your current state, you’re vulnerable. Any moment you could fall to your lust and become once again a rampant creature driven only by sexual hunger. That’s what happens when you’re a proto succubus.”

“Proto…?” Fay didn’t understand a thing. “What…? And how did this happen?”

Valyxa looked thoughtful at the same time her tail was wagging around her.

“That’s what I wish to know. Do you remember how many people did you have sex with tonight?”

“I-I… They were two… That guy Shakron and the woman in her apartment, Sarah… I think. How’s it that I remember something I didn’t…? It felt like someone else had taken over my body…”

“When you’re rampant, your mind is still there but buried deep inside the lewd persona that emerges from the transformation. So you recall everything but you’re not in control, at least until you become a full succubus like me…”

“I don’t want to be a demon…”

“Are you… sure?” Valyxa teased her by brushing her legs with her tail. She laughed as Fay tried to move away from her touch. “Anyway, in other circumstances, I would offer you the choice to join me, which sounds tempting as you look delicious…” She closed her tail to her mouth and licked with her tongue where she had touched Fay. “But… Sadly, though, my Lady forbids me to do so here… We have to keep a low profile after all… So despite being a bit cruel, I’ve got to repress your transformation… What reminds me that…”

Valyxa moved away from the bed to grab something she had over a cupboard next to it. It was a glass filled with an orange liquid.

“No, thank you,” Fay said with anger. “I’ve got enough of strange substances for one night.”

“Did someone gave you anything?” Valyxa looked worried.

Fay felt like that woman was genuinely asking for her safety.

“Shakron gave me something… It was blue with golden sparkles… He lied saying it was some special wine… Damn bastard…”

“Hmmm… I don’t think you have to worry. Sounds like a typical aphrodisiac. Look, let me explain it to you.”

Valyxa grabbed a drawing she had over the desk and brought it closer to Fay’s face. The picture showed scribbles of what it looked like a poorly drawn woman in three different poses with many arrows pointing between them.

“You are here.” She pointed to the second woman, who portrayed what’s supposed to be a slutty pose, some kind of elongated features coming from her mouth, possibly fangs and a tongue. Below the figure, it could be read ‘Proto Succubus’. A one directional arrow went from it to the figure on her right, which was of a similar design but with more scrawls to depict wings, a tail, and bigger horns, ‘Full Succubus’. Another arrow went left to the human shaped one, drawn in a pleading over the knees posture; it read ‘Filthy Mortal’.

“Pfff.” Fay guffawed.

Valyxa looked startled at her.


“Your drawing skills suck.”

“Hey!!” Valyxa took the paper and made a ball with it, throwing it away. She was slightly blushing. “It’s not my strong point, that’s true… Anyway!!”

Valyxa took the chance as she watched Fay laughing to grab her by the nose and forced her to drink the content of the glass. Fay couldn’t help it and swallowed the entire liquid before she coughed and almost choked due to the sudden shock.

“I thought I told you to respect your elders.”

Fay tried to calm her throat by taking long breaths.

“That should cool your body and relieve from your sexual drive.”

“If you don’t kill me before by suffocation.”

“Look, is the only way, okay? If you’re denied from the sexual activity, you will eventually return to your human form, so don’t worry. This elixir will speed up the process and clean your body.”

“So I won’t need this chains anymore, right?”

“Not happening. There is always a slight chance of you losing yourself again or you might touch your body trying to relieve your pain down there… and that would be worse. Yeah, you will be in pain, I can’t help you with that, sorry. It’s not gonna be pretty… By the way, I didn’t ask your name.”

Perhaps she was a nice person after all. What damage could it do to tell Valyxa her name? Fay won’t be losing anymore that night anyway. Surely nothing that hasn’t happened to her already, and she also told her name before so…

“Fay, my name is Fay.”

“Cute. I like it.” Valyxa nodded.

The purple woman sat in the bed next to her.

“Back to the matter with your sexual encounters. Did any of your tonight partners looked like me?”

“No… Sarah was a human and Shakron was… Well, he looked like a demon but different from you…”

“Nah, I know of Shakron, he’s just a minor demon, he couldn’t have done you this. You know, only succubi are able to turn women into new proto succubi.”

“So that means…”

“You have slept with a succubus before tonight or else…” Valyxa looked dubious towards Fay’s body.

“I never… This was the first time I saw a demon… Hells!! It’s the first day I’ve even heard about magic being real and stuff!!”

“Yeah… If a succubus had turned you I would have known. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one in this city. No, this is something different…”

Fay hesitated at first but maybe she could get some answers from Valyxa after all.

“Shakron said I had something inside me. Something that awakened.”

“Could it be…?”

Valyxa placed her hand over Fay’s abdomen, caressing her skin gently, like she was testing, looking for something.

“What are you doing?”

“Just a sec.”

Little golden sparkles flew away from Valyxa’s fingers as she applied some kind of pressure onto Fay’s body. Fay felt a warm feeling growing inside her, making her moan. Something deep inside of her responded to Valyxa’s stimulus. The succubus removed her hand at once and looked impressed to her.

“You have a Primal Essence inside of you… And not a usual one… I’ve never felt something like this.”

“What does that mean…?”

“It means that you’re different in a way. Can’t give you an answer, though.”

The warm Fay felt when Valyxa probed her was a light sparkle but expanded like a wave to her chest. She looked at Valyxa’s prominent lips, how they moved as she spoke, her playful tongue inside her mouth… Maybe a little taste… Fay raised her brows and bite her lower lip.

“No, no, hold that thought.” Valyxa moved away from her. “See? You’re still vulnerable.”

Fay shook her head, trying to get rid of her naughty thoughts. She followed Valyxa’s movements with her eyes.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m gonna clean your mess. I’ve already taken care of the woman you called Sarah, but the other one… Someone has to guarantee he remembers nothing.”

“Are you gonna kill him?! Did you kill Sarah?!”

“Huh? No…! That would bring unwanted attention and we don’t need that. I just twisted her memories to be felt like a dream.”

Fay understood.

“Is that possible? Is it possible that something like that has been happening to me?”

“What…?  No, you show none of the symptoms of memory distortion, my dear. These things always leave behind some remnants, you know?”

Fay was disappointed as for a moment she thought she had found an explanation for her condition.

“You’ll have to live with the fact that you’re just as horny as everyone else, Fay.”

“That’s what frightens me…”
Valyxa walked towards the balcony door.
“Hey! Are you gonna leave me here?”

“You’ll be fine.”

“And what if I release myself and become rampant like you said?”

“I trust in my security measures, don’t worry. I’ll be back shortly.”

Valyxa opened the door of the balcony, stepped outside and spread her wings to raise up in the air and fly away from her room, leaving a naked Fay tied to her bed, struggling with her pain as the demonic features of her body started receding back under her skin.

“Yeah, it’s gonna be my night, huh… Oh, Deb… If at least you were here with me…” Some lustful ideas went over her mind as she thought of her friend. “Damn it!! This is the worst!!”


Valyxa flew over the Lumnex streets till she found the alley near the building where Fay said she had her encounter with Shakron. There, she could see the consequences of Fay’s acts. A lot of broken pieces of clothing spread over the ground, next to a ripped shoulder bag and the unconscious body of a black-skinned man.

A strange small white bird was resting on the ledge of one of the windows from the left building. From the distance, she couldn’t tell, but it looked like something mixed between a usual bird and a small dragon.

She landed on the ground and gathered up all the items and put them inside the bag. Among the stuff, there was something that caught her attention. Something that fell to the ground with a vibrant metallic sound.

Valyxa picked up and examined the object. It had the shape of a plume, it was flexible and painted in red and black colors all over its metallic surface.

‘A Red Quill’s Librarian, huh…’

That was interesting… Maybe that girl could be of some use after all- She felt a presence, a powerful one, near her. ‘What’s that…?’

She dropped the quill inside the bag with a subtle movement of her hand while she turned around to face the unannounced visitor.

It was a man dressed in a white coat. He was leaning over his side, relying on the wall to support his weight. His arms were crossed before his chest and he had her orange eyes fixed on her. His hair had a strange shape made of different layers, mostly black but with blue highlights that reflected the scarce light on the alley.

He had a strange aura around him. He looked human but Valyxa was sure he wasn’t. She couldn’t tell what he was, though… Not a demon, neither a celestial, but definitely not human… What was he…? She gazed at his white coat. It went from just above his knees, all along his body’s height and ending in a collar that folded with the wind, covering his smile from time to time. She had heard of someone like him…

The Man in White.

“My name is Joyd.” He said.

“Good to know.”

“Aren’t you gonna tell me yours?” He grinned.

“Do you know him?”

Joyd looked at the unconscious body.

“You could say so… I owe him a favor and now… Well, hah, hah… maybe now it’s a big favor…”

“What do you want… Joyd?”

“Oh, I was just checking how Fay was doing. I trust that she’s okay, right?”

He said as he pushed himself from the wall and got closer to Shakron’s body.

“She’s fine, but you…” Valyxa assumed a fighting stance, ready to engage in combat at any moment.

Joyd opened his arms in a peaceful gesture.

“I’m not interested in fighting you. As a plus, let me handle this one…”

Just as Joyd was about to check on Shakron’s forehead with his hand, a purple sphere exploded a couple of centimeters to his right.

“Do you really think I’m gonna let you touch your friend?”

“Would Fay really be okay in the home of a succubus? Let’s skip the stupid questions, shall we…?”

Valyxa hesitated as she was about to throw her next spell.

“Look…” Joyd began to say. “I don’t know what you or your Mistress are looking for here in Lumnex and I don’t care. I’m only interested in that girl, Fay. If anything happens to her, you will meet my naughty side. But I know you are a reasonable creature so let’s be civil here. I will make you a favor and bring this wreck home.”

Valyxa relaxed as she realized that the man really wanted to avoid a fight at all.

“Fay will wake tomorrow safe and sane.” She promised.

“No mind tweaks either. I want her to remember everything she’s gone through.”

“Hah, you’re a twisted soul, aren’t you…? Anyway, I don’t think I could even mess with that unstable mind if I wanted, she’s kind of… special.”

“That’s the point.”

Joyd grabbed Shakron by the arm and handed him over his shoulder.

“Damn, I forgot how much he weights…”

“What will you do to him?”

“As I said, I owe him a favor. I’ll handle the details tomorrow. You just make sure Fay’s safe and everything will be all right.”

Valyxa followed Joyd’s departure with her eyes. The white bird that she saw before took flight and disappeared into the night sky in the same direction Joyd left.

‘The Man in White… What could he possibly be looking for in that girl? Maybe that Primal Essence of hers is even more special than she thought.’

After gathering the remaining fragments of clothing and personal items that had fallen from Fay’s bag, she stood up and created a new portal against the wall, stepping through it.


Valyxa appeared in her home through a portal in one of the walls. Everything was as she had left it. Fay’s body was now mostly recovered from her demonic state, having returned to her human form. She was sleeping quietly on her bed.

“We won’t be needing this anymore.” Said with a swift movement of her hand. The chains that tied Fay to the extremes of the bed released their shackles. She covered her naked body with a blanket that she grabbed from one of the room closets.

‘You have some pretty weird guy watching over you, Fay.’

“Just let me… ehmat… grab… mmrphf… my…” Fay mumbled in dreams.

Valyxa was surprised that someone so unstable like Fay could look so peaceful during her sleep. She was almost cute.

She stood by her side till the first beams of light entered through the balcony’s window.

Another day.

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