WrUp 2 – Gwenvyr’s Gift and my first collaboration

Ok! So the side story “Gwenvyr’s Gift” is taking more time than I thought as I was busy finishing the second chapter from the Main Story that I posted last week and I’ve been also working in a collaboration (more into that now).

Gwenvyr’s Gift is half way done and I shall have it completely done by this weekend, so expect a saturday or sunday post with the side story (depends of the time the new Zelda consumes me hahahah hah hahah… hah e.e).

Ok, about the collaboration I mentioned before. Yeah, fellow artist Procsan and me are working in a collaboration project to make a short comic. This comic will explore a bit into the past of Valyxa, that purple-skinned pink-haired succubus you may have noticed in the second chapter of the Main Story. I can tell that I’m pretty happy with what we’re getting so far, having done the script and rough sketches of the characters involved. Don’t rush though as we have yet to work on the storyboard and final panel distribution. I’m eager to see how it finally gets!! 😛

If you want to check on Procsan’s art, you can do so on:  http://procsan.deviantart.com/

He does some amazing art with his unique semi-realistic style. We’re trying a different approach for the comic though, being more cartoonish/manga styled.

Don’t forget to subscribe to stay tuned about incoming chapters and news!!

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