Gwenvyr’s Gift

They were panting.

After the intense sexual intercourse that guided both to reach their climax, they cuddled with one another in a tight embrace as if they were to fuse into one.

Gwenvyr exhaled deeply. Having her whole body resting over her husband firm grip, she was still enjoying the receding waves of pleasure that came after they gave everything they got.

Gordon felt the erect touch of Gwenvyr’s hard round nipples poking against his chest. Her huge breasts were all over him, squeezing softly while her abdomen was going up and down with the rhythmic motion of her breathing. His hard was still between her ample thighs, stuck inside her wife, with some drops of his white load dripping from her vagina.

The white-bearded man took her by the neck and moved her head closer to him, making her taste his lips with soft sweet kisses around her mouth.

Droplets of sweat were falling down her forehead. Her glasses were all fogged up, but that didn’t hinder Gwenvyr’s effort to reply to his husband kisses with a more passionate response. She brushed her lips with his, locking him in a swift long kiss till she lost her breath.

Gordon moved her hand along her back, caressing her soft skin, brushing her long blue hair, cherishing the moment, almost tickling her. That feeling made her shiver.

“Hmmm…” She moved her hips, circling around, making his husband’s staff twitch inside, teasing him.

“Gosh woman, you never get tired, huh?”

She grinned while licking her upper lip.

“You should know by far that I’m always ready for the next round…”

“Yeah well… Despite it also saddens me to stop it right here… we both have responsibilities in the morning, and we already had fun for a long while now…”

Gwenvyr stretched her lips in a disapproving expression.

“Are you sure…?” She asked at the same time she turned around, putting her butt over her husband’s head and placing hers just in front of his still erect penis. She grabbed it with both hands, getting her hands all sticky from the sex juices it was covered after the wild rodeo they had before. “See? You’re still hard.”

Gwenvyr used her tongue to lick softly on the tip of her husband’s, bathing in the strong smell that came from it. Just as she was about to put the staff’s head inside her mouth, he asked.

“So… that new girl… What do you think about her?”

She was puzzled by the sudden question.

“Fay…? Where does this come from? Are you trying to open a topic now to distract me, you trickster?”

“I’m just curious. You were pretty straightforward to accept her immediately into the sorcerers.”

Gwenvyr stopped teasing Gordon’s hard and sat over his chest, facing backward. She leaned her head over her shoulder.

“What did you see on her?” He asked, putting his hands on her waist, caressing.

That was a good question.

“I… I suppose I saw myself on her…” She looked back down to her abdomen. She had a little bush of blue pubic hair with the shape of a heart. “Maybe it sounds dumb, but she looks just like the daughter we never had.”

Gordon sat up and embraced her wife from behind. She looked like she needed it.

“You’ll always have me, you know?”

Gwenvyr leaned backward, supporting on his husband’s tight embrace.

“I know, sweetheart. It’s just… things could have been so different if I-”

“Remembering again when we first met?”

“How could I forget…?”

Gwenvyr relied on her husband’s embrace with her own arms, feeling his sweet, warm breath on her shoulder.

“A lot of stuff happened that day…”


Thirteen years ago…

“Gwen! Gwenvyr!” it was the voice of the Archiver.

Gwenvyr was in the middle of her daily scripture exercises, drawing glyphs in mid-air with her quill. The scribbled magic shattered with bright sparks the moment she was interrupted.

An elder man dressed in a long tunic and a long white beard that almost reached the floor was approaching her in the middle of the practicing grounds.

“Archiver! To what do I owe this honor…?”

He stopped right in front of Gwenvyr and looked up straight into her eyes over the curvature of her breasts.

“No time for your occurrences! I need your skills…”

“Sounds serious-”

“Indeed, come with me.” He terminated as the Archiver invited her to walk by his side.

Gwenvyr followed the man across the practicing grounds, and when they finally were alone inside the hall, she asked. “What’s the matter, Lord Ayrnst? You look troubled…”

He sighed.

“I’m pretty sure you know Robidna. Am I wrong?”

“Hah! But of course! She’s like my ideal model…

“I thought it was more of a rival to you from what I’ve heard…”

“Yeah, that too-”

“Anyway! Something happened-”

“Oh, my… I thought she was away for a job, is she alright?”

The Archiver lowered his eyes.

“That’s what I want you to find out. We haven’t heard anything from her since last week and has not reported as scheduled.”


“So I’m sending you to investigate what happened.”

“Sure, I’ll grab my things and head out right away.”

“Thank you, Miss Oxorn. And, of course, report to me immediately as soon as you find anything.”

“Will do. Anything I should know before-?”

“Robidna was just doing some routine job, watching out for an unusual growth in activity of the monsters around the farms in Norothea’s Reach.”

“That’s not far.”

“Indeed, you should go and ask around. See what you can gather. I will meet you there in the afternoon; have to do some research first.”


Gwenvyr headed for her cabinet on the sorcerer’s dependencies of the second floor and grabbed her bag, put into it all the things she might need for a short trip and changed her sweat clothes for her traveling outfit. Tight trousers for her legs and a pair of long thigh boots with folds on their top. For her chest, she put on a light blouse that highlighted her big rounded breasts with a deep cleavage. Over the blouse, she dressed in a long tailcoat that fell down her back and alongside the curve of her hips. To complete her outfit, Gwenvyr introduced her hands in a pair of gloves and changed her casual glasses for a more comfortable pair with a thick frame that adjusted correctly to the shape of her head.

“Hmmm… Yeah, I think these will do.” Gwenvyr examined herself in the mirror.

She took her red quill and fit it inside the holster she tied on one side of her hip.

“Ready for action.” She mumbled to herself. “Now let’s go.”

She grabbed her shoulder bag and headed for the Library’s exit. Once outside she went to the airport and asked there for an airship captain who could take her to her destination.


Traveling from Lumnex to Norothea’s Reach didn’t take long. The most common way to make the trip was by airship, which goes from the city to the closest trading post on the plains. From there, it’s just a matter of following the roads to each farm and estate in the vicinity.

From the elevated position aboard the airship, Gwenvyr contemplated the lands below her. She could see the Merandya sky archipelago among the clouds, a large set of small islands floating in the heavens. Lumnex was situated on top of one of the largest, being the farthest western isle of the archipelago. The airship was heading southwest, flying over the farming plains of Norothea, a larger peninsula adjacent to Lumnex. A series of bridges built between the islands connected the city to the closest ridges of Norothea and served as a means of transport and commerce between the regions. After all, Norothea was considered the farmland of Lumnex as it was located inside the city-state’s sphere of influence, as well as many of the islands on Merandya.

After a one hour trip, the airship arrived at the trading post airport, which was no more than a tall tower with numerous walkways and nets to drop the ship’s anchors, a simple method to secure the vehicle and avoid it drifting away.

The captain ordered to drop the anchor, and soon everyone on board was landing after they opened the hatch to cross the walkway. Gwenvyr walked among the group of people and descended to the base of the tower on the lift.

Once outside the tower, she found herself in a large plaza filled with market stalls. People came and went all around, stopping by the improvised stores, doing their daily groceries, shopping or getting marveled by those merchants who were selling shining trinkets from faraway lands; items that didn’t actually have any value but were easy to be sold to townsfolk and farmers who didn’t know more of the world.

Gwenvyr left the lousy market behind her and walked along the street in direction to a specific inn she knew about. A place where people with the gift of magic gathered around.

The bell rang announcing her entrance to the inn, where she was welcomed with half-shut eyes from both the bartender and customers. She went to the bar and asked the man on the other side.

“Hi, I’m looking for my partner.” She said as she showed her red quill to the man.

“Oh, a librarian then…” The bartender scratched his hair. “I was wondering what kind of business could bring a woman dressed like you to my property.”

“My name’s Gwenvyr, and I’m looking for a lady called Robidna.” She described her sorceress colleague. A thin woman with dark blond hair. “She’s very talkative.”

The bartender grinned.

“Yeah… I think I remember her… She was here last week, asking for… what was that…? The increase in monster activities… I think, yeah.”

“That’s all? When was the last time she was around?”

“That was the only time she was here. After that, she departed for the farmlands in the outskirts.”

That was odd… If Robidna had planned for a long investigation, she would have stayed in the inn for at least a couple of nights. This meant that something actually happened when checking the rumors.

“Any idea where did she go exactly?”

The bartender tried to remember while cleaning a glass of beer with his apron.

“If I recall well… she went south.”

A loud laugh burst among some of the patrons. A laugh that did not go unnoticed by Gwenvyr. She grabbed the bartender by the apron, closing him to her face, staring directly into her shocked eyes.

“Look, if you know something else you better spit it out quickly or else…” She moved her quill with the other hand, tracing glyphs on the wooden surface.

“I don’t, I swear! She headed south, beyond the farmlands…”

Gwenvyr maintained her grip for a few seconds, keeping the stare on his eyes, searching for a tick or impulse that could betray his words. The man was about to break a sweat. She finally let him go.

“Thank you for everything.” She left some coins on the bar and got out of the inn as swiftly as she had entered, ignoring the band of thugs that stood up when she assaulted the bartender.

One of the thugs moved next to the bartender and checked on him.

“I’m okay.”

“Should we do something…?”

“Just send word…”

Gwenvyr started walking, getting far away from the inn with a fast pace, heading south across the village roads.

It was evident that she wasn’t going to draw out anything more from the bartender that could be useful without starting a fight. She didn’t want to get into trouble, at least not so soon, and she wanted even less to put innocent people in danger. Something smelled really wrong in that inn, the tension, the looks, the words… They were into something, she was convinced of it… But not everyone there could be involved, so she decided to let it go till she had found out more. Maybe it was nothing or even related with Robidna, but she couldn’t leave that for fate to decide.

Gwenvyr had walked for a long while before she realized that she was already leaving the village and entering the farmlands. She saw a single big house in the middle of a big field brimmed with growing crops.

A single man was laboring the ground in an area that was free of vegetation. She walked towards him.

“Can I hep you, pal?” He asked with a high Norothean accent.

“Yeah, hi… I’m investigating the recent reports of monster activity in the zone…”

“I thought that woman was doin’ that.”

“Do you refer to a young blond lady, dressed more or less like me?”

“Yeh, less skimpy tho…”

Gwenvyr tried to see that as a compliment. She wasn’t to blame for her big bust or butt.

“Do you happen to know anything about her?”

“Maybe… But what do I gain for tellin’ ya?”

Gwenvyr sighed. She shook her hips, making her chest giggle graciously in front of the man.

He stared deeply into her dancing cleavage. Something died on his brain and fell down his body where it grew as something else. The farmer wiggled awkwardly.

“I-I-ah… Hmmm… Yeh… I saw her, as you… and then she just disappeared, pluf.”

“What do you mean she just disappeared?”

“Thot you know like her… People disappear when they ask too many questions here.”

That was interesting. The whole thing was turning fascinating indeed… If it wasn’t for the fact that maybe her colleague was in danger…

“Tell me everything you know about these-”

Gwenvyr felt a disturbance in the auryl currents. Something dangerous was moving closer.

The wind swayed the tall crops. Everything was strangely quiet. She took her quill and prepared herself for an incoming assault.

Without warning, a massive beast appeared from inside the crops, charging them. It was so fast that Gwenvyr could barely drop herself to the ground with a roll, evading the monster in the last second. The farmer wasn’t so lucky as his body was dragged over the ground a dozen meters before stopping unconscious on his dead weight.

The beast stopped in his tracks and turned around, preparing for its next onslaught. Its skin was dark and covered with thick scales, it was a two meter long, four-legged animal that looked like a terrible mix between a wild boar and a puma. A haunek, a chaser beast who seeks its prey through the use of auryl.

“Okay handsome, let’s see what you’re made of…”

The beast roared and stomped the ground with its claws, taunting her, preparing for the moment it would jump forward. Its tusks were glowing with a sinister dark gloom.

Gwenvyr scribbled the air with her quill, spreading golden sparkles on the ground before her. The bright dots combined with each other to form abstract shapes.

The haunek charged forward, seeing its window of opportunity as the woman was distracted with her spell making. The distance was so short that it was over her in a matter of seconds. Its claws would have ravaged her clothes and tore apart her skin, leaving a mortal wound…

That’s what would have happened if Gwenvyr was a mere novice, a fair magician with its fooling tricks. But she was not.


The haunek smashed directly into the magic barrier that Gwenvyr just created before her, making it bounce back with violence, crawling on the ground as it tried to reincorporate itself.

“Arcana Ventegoj!”

The sorceress made a swift movement with her hand from left to right, liberating a series of shining projectiles that elevated in the air just to fall at high speed, directly to the beast.

The first one hit its target directly, the other two just missed and exploded on the ground as the haunek used its quick reflexes to avoid the next ones. The beast let out a groan filled with pain as the scales on its back burnt with steam.

Gwenvyr prepared herself once again. Knowing that the same trick would not work a second time, she rapidly thought of a new strategy to face her foe, now even more dangerous as it was furious.

The beast fixed its eyes on hers.

“That’s right… I don’t have to kill you… Just…”

The haunek began doing circles around her, taunting, following her movements. She accompanied the dance by moving her feet, keeping the distance. With swift motions of her hand, Gwenvyr traced glyphs and printed them on the ground.

She disposed herself to cast a larger spell to draw its attention. The beast sniffed the air with the auryl scent, realizing the powerful and dangerous siphon that was concentrating a large amount of magic into the woman’s hand.

The haunek moved erratically, trying to confound the sorceress, as it went further, speeding up its pace till it finally charged with its tusks ahead. Gwenvyr rolled to one side as she extended her arm towards the beast’s flank. She freed the auryl on her hand with a powerful explosion, sending the haunek sky high. It fell directly into one of the traps she made before. The magic glyph triggered with the touch of the beast, liberating a siphoning force that sucked the animal’s own corrupted auryl, depriving it of its enhanced senses.

Gwenvyr stood up and let the trap finish its work. The haunek struggled on its feet in vain. She took the chance and moved closer, drawing another glyph in the air, pushing it towards the beast till it settled down gently on its skin.

After that, she moved away to a safer distance.

When the siphon trap vanished, the haunek stood on its claws, trembling with the effort. The dark gloom had abandoned its body, making it weaker. The beast gave her one last gaze full of remorse and then run away from the farm field.

“Phew, that was close…” She panted.

After recovering her breath, Gwenvyr went over the farmer to check on him. Luckily he had only some minor injuries after being dragged all over the ground. He was still unconscious, though. Uncomfortable with the idea of leaving the poor man there, she used a basic spell of levitation to carry his body to the house door.

As she wasn’t specialized in healing magic, she couldn’t do much to tend to his wounds, but she cleaned them and put some bandages on the worst ones.

“Watcha doin’ with ma hubby?” asked a young woman who just appeared by the door of the house.

She was dressed in the typical long skirt of Norothea’s design. She had a shotgun on his arms and tried to aim for her. Gwenvyr raised her hands.

“I’m trying to heal him. He was attacked by a haunek…”

“Oh my gosh, is he ok?”

“He’ll be fine, but you should take him to a doctor.”

The woman took a deep look at his husband’s body.

“Nah, he’s seen worse.”

“And what were you doin’ out there with my hubby? Were you tryin’ to benefit from him?”

Gwenvyr shook her head, smiling.

“That’s not… I’m looking for my friend, and I was asking him if he had seen her when we were attacked by that beast.”

“That happens for askin’ questions in this place.”

“What’s the deal with those disappearances?”

“Oh, did my hubby said somethin’ stupid again? ‘You shouldn’t stick your nose in those matters’ It’s what I’m always tellin’ him-”

“Look, I’m here to help, if you know anything about these things happening in the village, you can tell me.”

The woman laughed at her.

“Do you think you can fix everythin’ huh? You’re just like that other woman…”

“So you’ve seen her.”

The farmer woman shut her lips in disgust.

“Will you tell me where she is?”

The woman looked away.

“I-I can’t… There are ears everywhere… I don’t want any more trouble here.”

With those words the woman brought and end to their conversation and proceeded to tend to his husband, carrying him inside and closing the door behind her.

Something was definitely going on around the village, and Gwenvyr was going to find out what it was. She took out a little object with the size of a pocket watch and looked deeply into it. Concentric circles of auryl light indicated the distance between her current position and a small dot of light that was moving fast. The tracker glyph she had put on the haunek during the fight would help her find where it came from.

She was counting on the creature to get back to its lair after she hurt him and deprived him of its hunting skills. As far as she knew by the registry books from the Library, which always were pretty specific, hauneks were mostly used for tracking and hunting. It felt just right to think that it could lead her to those who let it loose.

Anyway, she had to keep moving. She would gain nothing by standing there. She thought in invoking her mount to move faster, but she already had spent enough magic energy with the haunek encounter. Gwenvyr decided to save her power just in case she would find herself in need to use some offensive spells later.

The blue haired woman began walking among the fields, following the direction that the signal on her tracker was telling her.


The trail of the tracking glyph led Gwenvyr to a place far away from the village, in a valley between the mountains. She stood before a strange rocks formation that came up from the mountain slope, near the base of a little waterfall where it became a thin river going down the valley.

There was an opening in the rock, the ruins of an entrance to an old dungeon that should have been the target of many plunder over the centuries. The tracker was pointing directly to the rocks. That was the place she was looking for.

The entrance was unguarded.

Gwenvyr kept hidden behind the bushes, waiting, analyzing. There were no patrols, and no one entered or exited the dungeon by the time she stood there vigilant…

She remembered something… What was it…? That’s right! She should report to the Archiver Ayrnst!

Gwenvyr took a slice of paper from her bag and began writing on it with her quill, recording everything she’d done until then. After finishing with the report she folded the paper multiple times, making specific shapes around the edges, folding and wrinkling till she ended up with the desired form. A little bird made of paper stared at her between her hands with dull eyes.

‘Now let’s give you purpose.’

She drew a little stamp in the air and applied it to the paper bird. That made its eyes turn red and becoming alive, flapping its wings with energy.

‘This will deliver to Lord Ayrnst in no time.’

Gwenvyr raised her hands in the air and let the bird fly away over the trees. The courier went up in the air with its wings, seeking altitude, doing circles while it tried to locate its destination. Finally, it locked on its way and began to descend to the ground, heading directly to the rock and disappearing inside the cave’s entrance.

‘What the hell…?’ Gwenvyr looked shocked. Those animated pieces of paper were enchanted to seek and fly directly towards their designated recipient’s location. So it flying inside the cave… That could only mean one thing… ‘The Archiver is in there…?’ She tried to order her confounded thoughts. ‘It’s impossible that he… No… He’s a hell of a sorcerer, he must have already located this place… Let’s hope he’s not in trouble…’

She got out from the bushes and walked towards the cave. Taking a brief glance of the dark hall that went deep into the mountain before entering, trying to be as stealthy as possible.

It got darker by every step she took. A magic light could do the trick, but it didn’t sound like a good idea if she wanted to keep her presence unnoticed. However, she did have other resources. With a slight touch of her fingers, a little magic stream went across her glasses.

The dark halls became clearer for Gwenvyr as the magic impregnated on her glasses granted her the ability to see in the darkness. She could perceive even the smallest detail on the walls, like the infinite scribblings and hieroglyphs that were carved in the stone. All of them written in an ancient language she could not decipher.

Getting deeper and deeper into the dungeon, Gwenvyr remained vigilant for every movement, for every corner she turned, for every new hall she explored.

The dungeon seemed like a labyrinth as many of the halls were collapsed by debris or dungeon’s ruins, forcing Gwenvyr to go back over her steps and trying another way on numerous occasions.

She was in the middle of her unending exploration when she glanced something with the corner of her eyes. A small point of light that was floating in the air, moving swiftly as the wind was caressing it.

“Come…” she heard a whisper.

Gwenvyr approached the light with caution. It felt warm and peaceful.

“Please… There is no much… time… Come… quickly…”

It was a soft, gentle, womanly voice.

The light flew away, down the stairs of a corridor that ended in a large starked chamber. Gwenvyr followed the light into the chamber. The room was filled with broken furniture and the signs of vicious looting. At the other side of the entrance could be seen the remains of a broken statue whose fragments were all scattered over the floor. Judging by the shape of the remnants, the statue might look like an angelic woman, defiant in its once proud pose.

The light placed itself over the piece that was once the statue’s head. With a swift sound, it disappeared into the stone. The head’s eyes shined with a golden sparkle.

“I salute you, mortal.” It spoke with a reverberating voice.

“Who are you?”

“My name is not relevant. But if it makes you more comfortable I’ll tell you. I am Alura, the eternal warden of this dungeon.”

‘Great, ancient relics.’

“We may be old, but we still hold much power.”

That sounded threatening.

“I’m sorry, mortal. My fury should not be drawn into you.”

“So this is a dungeon?”


“But a dungeon, dungeon? Like an evil gang hideout or just an underground prison?”

The statue took a moment of silence. Gwenvyr felt a disturbance in the auryl of the air like it was trying to contain itself.

“This is no time for jokes.” The angelic head continued, apparently angered. “It was a prison, and it should have stayed like that, but recent events have turned this sacred place into the evil lair of a cultist group.”

“Are they the ones responsible for the village’s disappearances?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“So what happened here, Alura? This place looks to have seen way better days…”

“We… I… was careless… As I said, this was a prison for a primal evil that my sisterhood sealed long ago. I was entrusted with the task of guarding it.”

“I assume that went wrong somehow…”

“It was my fault. The monotony of my daily life in solitude made me weak, leaving some of the restraining measures to deteriorate and release some of the sealed power of the demon trapped inside. That attracted some beasts to this zone, and eventually, another kind of monsters was drawn too… humans. With promises of power and seduction they formed a cult and began to plan their lord’s return.”

There was something in her words that sounded familiar… Demons, Lords… Reminded her from the legends of the Grand Magic War.

“Are you telling me that there is a Deeplord imprisoned here? And they are planning to release him?”

“Yes.” She replied with sadness in her voice. “But there’s still a chance to stop it. They are close to getting their goal, I know this because I watch them. However we can still put a halt to this madness, but I need your help.”

“A chance to save the world? Count me in!” Gwenvyr offered gladly, then taking a more serious expression. “But only if you show me where Robidna is. She’s my partner, and I’m looking for her.”

“The sorceress woman…? Yes… She is here. Not far away. I’ll guide you there.”

Gwenvyr was still unsure if she should trust this broken statue, but it looked like the only chance she had to find Robidna in that damn maze.

“Take my necklace. It should be around here. Luckily they didn’t find it when they destroyed this chamber. It’s the source of my power.”

The blue haired woman searched between the stone fragments till she found a silver string of jewelry with a golden crystal in its center.

“That’s it.”

The light faded away from the statue’s eyes and flew over the necklace, reposing in the inside, blinking its light with every word she spoke.

Gwenvyr took it and put it inside her bag.

“What happened to your body?”

“I… I lost it trying to stop the cultists. They had a powerful wizard among them. Now this necklace is everything that’s left of me…”

“Is he… Is he in the dungeon right now?”

“I’m not sure…”

“And what do you think a human like me could do against a wizard who has defeated a celestial…? Because that’s what you are, right…?”

Alura kept silent for a bit while.

“You are very keen miss-”

“Gwenvyr, my name is Gwenvyr Oxorn.”

“I can see your potential lady Oxorn. With my power, you could beat any obstacle in your way.”

“And if you are so powerful why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Without a proper body to channel my energy, I’m useless… That’s why I’m asking you-”

“We’ll see…”

Gwenvyr left the room and went down to the next floor, following the instructions Alura was giving her.

“Where are we going?”

“To the central chamber, it’s not far.”

“You know… for a place that’s been used as a lair for an evil dark band of cultists, it feels pretty empty. How’s that I haven’t rushed into anyone in my way in…?”

“They aren’t so many as you may think. And last time I checked they were all gathering in the chamber I mentioned, preparing for the ritual.”

The air carried a strange smell. Gwenvyr felt an ominous and oppressive force as she went deeper into the dungeon. It was like waves of magic energy were beating from below, trying to spread in every direction. It carried a vengeful will on it, seeking its way to being free once again.


“You useless morons…” Was the broken voice of an old man echoing on the high chamber walls. A voice Gwenvyr knew all too well. “I told you to not to underestimate her…”

The central chamber was a large round room with several floors of galleries above the ground. Gwenvyr sneaked into the room in one of those galleries. Walking in silent, she moved closer to the balustrade, contemplating the group of cultists below through a gap.

They were seven, five of them were forming a circle around a dark crystal covered in golden ethereal chains; they were chanting synchronized with deep guttural voices. The other two were away from the main group, talking to each other. Although they were all wearing hooded robes, she could recognize the bartender from the inn she stepped into when she arrived at the village. The other man… there was no doubt… He was there… Gwenvyr couldn’t believe it, after all this time…

“You should have sent something that could have subdued her!” The old man yelled to the bartender. “We could have used her for the ritual. You don’t have any idea how powerful she is… Hell, even she doesn’t know…”

“But sir… The hauneks have always been so loyal, they have always served our purposes…”

“And it’s now proved that those corrupted beasts can’t stop a single sorceress.”

The old man squeezed his hand around a piece of paper he had in his hand. A red sparkle slipped from his fist and fade in the air.

“Now she’s coming here…”

“Should I… sir-?”

“No. I will handle this. You keep watching for the ritual. We are so close for the summoning to be complete… And bring the sacrifices to the altar already!”

‘Sacrifices?’ Gwenvyr looked around the chamber. On the far end of the room, there were a woman and a man chained together inside a cage. Due to the distance, she could only see that they were completely naked and had some injuries on their bodies. She recognized her blond partner, Robidna. ‘Damn it…’

“They are still alive.” Alura talked to her in a muffled whisper from inside her bag. “They will be used as fuel for the demon they are going to unleash.”

“We can’t let that happen.”

“No, we can’t. Too many have already perished for this atrocity. We won’t let these people die, or worse…”


“They could serve as vessels for the demonic essence. That could explain why they have kept your friend alive… She has a powerful aura, like you.”

Gwenvyr didn’t like the sound of those words. No way she was going to let some demon Deeplord take over one of her partners, not on her watch.

“Let’s move. We’ve got to do something-”

‘Wait! Where is that wizard?’

Gwenvyr looked back to the place where the two cultists were talking. They were gone. The bartender was walking towards the cage while the old man was nowhere to be found.

“You have seen too much, Miss Oxorn.”


Gwenvyr turned to her side and stepped back as she felt the hot graze of a fireball on her shoulder.

“Doesn’t matter. This can’t be stopped, we are finally so close! Orcalar will return to this world, free to conquer it with my aide!”

Lord Ayrnst was standing before her, with a long wooden staff in one hand and a red quill in the other.

Gwenvyr couldn’t believe it.


She felt anger, a growing rage she couldn’t control. Not because of her burnt shoulder, but for the betrayal she was witnessing.

“Lord Archiver… After all these years…?! I… respected you… admired you… How…?”

“Don’t judge me too harshly, my dear.”

“You’ve betrayed us all! How couldn’t I-?”

“When you get to my age you’ll understand… Well… maybe not. I don’t think I can let you survive…”

He raised his staff in the air.

“What a pity, really. I would love to play with that sweet body of yours… If these fools haven’t screwed it up…”

“Damn traitor!”

Gwenvyr drew a quick glyph in front of her to block the incoming force from Ayrnst.

The Archiver staff glowed intensely before liberating a bright explosion of light that charged directly into Gwenvyr’s. A swift movement of his quill made Gwenvyr’s defense glyphs vanish into thin air. She was defenseless.

The light wave punched her body, tearing apart and ripping her clothes, leaving her chest totally exposed. Her boobs shined with the light of Ayrnst spells.

The Archiver made some wild gesticulation with his arms, manipulating the auryl around her. Gwenvyr felt an imprisoning dark force closing on her body. She tried to move, she tried to fight back, but it was useless. She was trapped in his magic.

“He’s too powerful…”

“That’s right, Miss Oxorn. And I’ll be even more when My master is awoken.”

He pulled the woman’s body through the air towards him. Her bare breasts were almost as big as his head. He grabbed one of them with both hands.

“Get away from me you monster!”

“Perhaps I should keep you for research purposes… You know… You’re a very alluring woman, Gwenvyr, but you could become a creature of incredible power and immeasurable beauty if you just yield to me and accept Orcalar as your new master…”

“Don’t listen to him, his heart is corrupted with greed,” Alura warned.

“I don’t need your help to deny him! I will never bow to your proposals, Lord Archiver!!”

“Think about it. I’m offering you a generous alternative to death.”


The Archiver sighed.

“So be it.”

Ayrnst started to accumulate an extensive amount of auryl around him, preparing the terrible dark spell that will crush her body into pieces.

“Quick Gwenvyr! Take my power! We must make a covenant!” Alura’s necklace floated next to her.


“He’s too powerful for you, but with my powers and your auryl energy, we can beat him. There is no choice, we can’t let him win…”

“What will happen after we make the covenant?”

“No time for that right now, don’t you think?”

Gwenvyr never trusted in ancient spirits and having one who wanted to use her as a catalyst for her magic didn’t certainly please her. However, if she didn’t accept the covenant, she would die for sure…

“Fine!” Gwenvyr had to trust the celestial.

“By my will, I grant you my power, Gwenvyr Oxorn! In exchange, I take the future by what life could have been!” Alura pledged with a mystic tone.

The necklace exploded with a burst of light, transforming into a whirlwind of golden ethereal streams that rushed into Gwenvyr’s body, entering her through the abdomen.

A wild burst of energy rushed automatically through her veins. Feeling her with an incredible renowned power. Waves of energy covered her skin, reaching for her brain. Her eyes turned into two points of golden light as her mind expanded to powers unknown to her till that moment.


Gwenvyr screamed will all her strength. The sound echoed throughout all the chamber. She shrank her body for a brief moment and suddenly opened her arms and legs, liberating a wave of golden energy that expanded all around, freeing her body from Ayrnst’s dark shackles.

The Archiver staggered on the floor when the energy wave hit him, breaking his concentration and losing the focus on his casting. He looked shockingly at the figure that was floating before him.

A completely naked Gwenvyr bathed in a golden light looked at him from above. Her aura was much stronger than before, and he could feel her increasing power taking shape around her silhouette. She extended one arm ahead, closing it into a fist. The Archiver’s staff writhed into itself, splintering and shattering in hundreds of tiny pieces.

“What…? But that’s impossible…”

Gwenvyr’s mind was filled with rage, a mix of his own thoughts combined with the twisted, vengeful justice of the celestial that had become part of her. A rage that was urging her to do despicable things in the name of retribution.

Ayrnst, the cultists… All of them had to pay for their crimes. She needed the power and the reason to do it.

And now she had it.

Gwenvyr moved forward, levitating.

“Now you and your comrades will pay for everything you’ve done to this place and those innocent people.” She spoke with a new reverberant voice.

The Archiver was paralyzed in fear. In all his years he never saw something like that. So much anger… and in the form of an angel of vengeance…

“But you were dead…”

“You can’t kill an immortal.”

Gwenvyr cast a cylinder of light with her hands, giving shape to a sharp spear that cut the air in two with swift movements of its handle. She raised the spear above her head with one hand while with her free hand she made a quick magic circle and pushed it towards Ayrnst’s body. The Archiver tried to stop the nullifier seal in vain, his spells were weak, his scripture writing was slow. He could do nothing.

The seal burned his skin through the fabric of his tunic, spreading fire. His veins brought the burning heat of nullifying to his entire body, the auryl was denying him, abandoning him to his demise.


With a powerful strike, Gwenvyr vented all her anger and rage in one single attack, guiding the spear right into the chest of his opponent. The golden weapon made its way through the skin like it was butter.


The Archiver tried to yell, to scream for his life, call for help, beg for mercy… But it was too late. Justice had fallen upon him with all its weight. The spear pierced his body and spread his power to every limb. The golden magic in the weapon burned every trace of the man as it consumed every piece of its existence.

The Archiver shrieked loudly while he drowned in his own corrupted blood, till his strength abandoned him. What once was the body of an old man turned into a pile of steamy ashes.

Lord Ayrnst was no more.

Gwenvyr turn to her side as she watched the nightmare that was unfolding in that very moment. She had to rush and finish her job before it was too late.


The robbed man who Gwenvyr identified as the bartender answered to the name of Clauss. He had joined the group of other cultists who were chanting in a circle around the dark crystal. He stood before the altar where the sacrifices were tied to by two pairs of chains.

“Lord Orcalar! Soon you will be able to walk free among us mortals! The last seal will be broken, and we will rejoice with your return!”

Something stirred inside the crystal. A dark essence which was beating itself against the hard inner surface, desperately trying to get out.

The auryl density in the chamber was increasing by every moment.

The cultists chanting raised and fastened with every step of the ritual, getting second by second to the moment where everything would unfold and their prize rewarded. An eternal life as dark servants for the Deeplord, with powers beyond imagination.

Clauss contemplated the dark magic streams around the crystal storming the tiny aura of the seal that was becoming thinner and thinner.

‘Soon… We are almost there…’

He raised his hands.

“Master! Please accept these sacrifices as your welcoming feast!”

The bartender cultist dropped his hands over the prisoner’s heads and used his magic to mark them with a dark stain.

The last seal of the crystal broke with a shattering sound. The cultists stopped their chanting.

“This is it… This is the moment! Begin the second ritual, we have to empower him!”

The cultist group resumed their chanting with another canticle, louder, more intense. The dark streams of magic danced and twisted around the chamber, converging into the dark crystal which was lifting in the air.

“Don’t stop!”

Clauss moved his fingers writing a rune before him. Two strings of black and red magic came from the sacrifices bodies as they screamed in pain and went directly into the dark crystal.

Suddenly, he glanced something with the corner of his eye. A golden light explosion. Lord Ayrnst must have caught that bothering woman and dealing with her. After that, it came with a loud scream that could be heard across the entire chamber. The corrupted Archiver was getting slain.

Clauss looked in the direction where the scream came from. Up in one of the galleries, there was a golden light shining brightly, and in an instant, it was coming directly towards him with inhuman speed. He caught to see a glance of a woman’s face before being pierced by a golden spear that ripped him in two.

“Brraaargh… B-gbut… h-how…?”

Clauss fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Gwenvyr didn’t stop to contemplate her killing act and immediately flew around the room striking each and every one of the remaining cultists. They fell one after the other without resistance as they there completely focused into the ritual to even notice what was happening around them.

Gwenvyr only stopped when the last one of the cultists was slain.

Shockingly, though, the chanting did not stop with their deaths. Something was utterly wrong… She checked the room with a quick glance, the cultists were all dead, then how…?

The singing voices echoed throughout the chamber, resonating with the walls, beating like a hammer. With every peak, with every drop, the dark crystal throbbed, cracking its surface.

‘Their souls belong to Orcalar now… so they are bound to his fate and serve him in death till his demise.’ Alura explained to her.

The dark crystal finally broke into a thousand shards, liberating the dark, ominous force inside it. A dark red ethereal shape without physical form emerged from the broken prison groaning loudly with a deep voice. The dark streams still linked him to the two sacrifices that were on the altar. He sought for them, rushing towards the two innocents when he found them.


Gwenvyr jumped forward, putting herself between Robidna and the demon force. Orcalar crashed directly into the magic barrier she formed just before he reached for her prize, driving back violently. Without hesitating and taking the chance now that the golden woman staggered after the clash, the dark essence changed course and head directly into the man’s body, with nothing to stop him.

Orcalar went through the man’s body and made its way in, spreading his essence to every limb, covering the man in a dark gloom.


The man yelled like he was being torn apart. His screams gradually became deeper and fiercer, like the demon she was being possessed by.

His body began to change. A man who had once an average constitution saw himself grow bigger, the muscles of both his arms and legs became wider and stronger, his skin turned dark, and a lot of horns and scales appeared all around his body, especially on his back and head. His eyes became completely black with a stain of red blood.

The man stood up with a newly found vigor, driven by the dark force inside him, he broke his chains with his own hands and faced Gwenvyr.

“How we defeat him now?”

‘We can’t destroy him, but we can seal him again.’

Gwenvyr landed on the ground, shielding Robidna before the demon embodiment.

“G-Gwen… Gwenvyr? I-Is that you…?” Robidna was dazed after the draining she had suffered.

“I won’t let it hurt you, Robin. I’m here to put an end to this…”

The possessed man looked amusingly at Gwenvyr’s naked body. He had a full black beard that was now rippling with the shadow aura of his demonic essence.

“My, my… Alura. Perhaps you want to taste once again that sweet moment we had so long ago-?”

“Silence you monster!!” An internal force made Gwenvyr reply to his taunting like the celestial was trying to impose her will. The anger she felt when she heard those words was as much as when she faced Ayrnst.

Gwenvyr dared to blink her eyes, and when she opened them, she found herself face to face with the demonized man.

“I have to say… That you’ve found quite a delicious body for your vessel, Alura. We could have so much fun…”

He tried to grab her breasts. Gwenvyr replied by punching him on his chest’s side and pushing him away with a wave of energy. She then charged into him as he slowed down in mid-air.

Orcalar received her with open arms as her attack hit him.

“There is nothing like a wild foreplay before the main act, don’t you think.”

His joking only made her angrier.

She formed a light sphere on her hand and crashed it directly into his head, creating an explosion of light that blinded everyone for a brief moment.

Gwenvyr was grabbed by the hips and pushed to the ground on the other side of the room. She struggled and tried to free herself, but Orcalar grasped her arms with his hands, not letting her go.

“Let me go, filthy demon!!”

She used her leg to deliver a quick kick on his sensitive zone. It worked. A brief moment of shock was all she needed to break free.

“A paragon of justice they say… And she doesn’t play fair, huh…”

“You only deserve your own ways!”

“Come and play!”

Gwenvyr ignored his command and moved away in the air. She cast a wide array of magic circles around her, creating sealing runes and printing them. She then applied some to her own body while spreading the rest through all the room, creating a minefield.

“Is that even necessary, Alura? I perfectly know my time here is limited. We could just enjoy it…” He said while taking down his hand to his human cock. His own touch made it get completely hard in an instant, lengthening it to an insane size.

“Your shameful tricks won’t work.”

‘Well, he has some nice dick. I wonder how would that taste…’ Gwenvyr surprised herself with that thought.

She shook her head. She couldn’t allow losing her focus.

“Come on!”

Orcalar jumped forward, avoiding the first traps.

“It’s been a long time!”

He made use of some collapsed columns to reach further and lifted himself in the air. His speed was too fast. Gwenvyr couldn’t aim at him quick enough to shoot him with her spells.

On his way up he crashed into some of the traps, leaving them little marks with the shape of glyphs, but he didn’t care, he was aiming for his sweet prize. When he was about to reach his goal, Gwenvyr liberated another wave of energy in an expanding sphere. But it wasn’t enough, somehow Orcalar made his way in, tackled her and bring her body down to the floor with him.

Gwenvyr groaned in pain as she hit the ground.

“Now we will have some fun you and me…”

A dark stream spread from the man’s back, becoming two thick tentacles that went down on Gwenvyr and grabbed her hands. He used his hands to spread her legs wide open, leaving her vulnerable.

“No! Don’t you dare!”

“Don’t lie to yourself, Alura. You’ve been looking for this…”


Gwenvyr yelled, her body glowed brighter, blinding him. Following her voice’s command, all the traps and seals converged into the demon, sticking and attaching to his skin, covering it with their golden glyphs.


‘Now is our chance!’

Orcalar pulled back in pain. Gwenvyr freed herself ad stood up. She used the knowledge Alura was giving her to prepare a sealing spell. She cast an immense quantity of auryl from the surroundings and concentrated it in her hand. She then rushed to the man and punch him with her enchanted fist.

The spell began to suck the entire essence of the demon from inside the man.

“No! Noo! Noooo!! J-Just… let me… Aaaargh!”

The dark features that Orcalar had impregnated into the man’s body disappeared as the Primal Essence of the Deeplord abandoned him, drawn away in a chrysalis that Gwenvyr crafted with her magic.

The demon laughed one last time.

“Don’t think this is the end Alura, we will meet again…”

The whole room became silent at last when Gwenvyr imprisoned the demon’s essence into the small crystal vessel she had created with Alura’s power.

The man, now freed from the demon’s touch, was lying on the ground unconscious. He still retained the muscles and physical enhancements that Orcalar did to his body, but any trace of the demonic taint was erased from him.

‘T-This has been too much…’ Alura said inside her.

Gwenvyr felt the power receding inside her. Her glow diminished, and she went back to her usual appearance.

‘I have used all the power I had left. I’m afraid that I can’t leave your body.’

“What do you mean?”

‘I even used some of your own power… I’m sorry, I hope you understand, I couldn’t let this demon roam free…’

“What exactly are you talking about?”

‘I might have stolen your future…’

Gwenvyr understood.

“Then I won’t be able to…”

‘I’m afraid so… I’m sorry…’

She was furious. Furious and angered. Tricked by ancient forces… but she understood, it was necessary… was it?

‘I… I have to rest now… I don’t know when I would be able to reach for you again, Gwenvyr.’

“Wait! What? Are you just gonna disappear?”

‘Not by… choice. I’m so weak…’

“But after all this…”

‘I’m sorry…’

“Alura? Alura! Damn it!”

Those were the last words of the celestial that would reside in silence inside Gwenvyr’s body forever.

She fell to her knees, cursing everything for her fate.

When she recovered her composure and calmed her thoughts, she looked around, searching for Robidna. Some tears were falling from her eyes, clouding her vision.

Her partner was not far away. She walked to her encounter and released her from the shackles that tied Robidna to the altar.

“Robin, hey! Are you alright?”

The blond woman half opened her eyes with an effort.

“They made something to me…”

Gwenvyr hugged her partner.

“Shhh… It’s okay, you’re safe now…”

“Is it… over?”

“Yes, you are with me now Robin, you’re gonna be fine. Take your time.”

Gwenvyr kept embracing her colleague between her arms. She noticed something on Robidna’s face, she had some wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. She was in her thirties, and Gwenvyr was sure those weren’t there before.

“I’m exhausted, Gwen.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything harm you.”

“Uuugh… Where am… I?” It was the voice of the young man, the other person who was going to be sacrificed. “Oh, that’s right…”

Gwenvyr checked on him. He was alright, just some minor injuries, in fact, he looked better now than before he was possessed by the demon.

“You’ll be okay. What’s your name?”

“Ehm… I’m Gordon, did you… did you saved us?”

His voice was varying. One time he sounded high and the next it changed completely to a deeper tone like his throat was enduring an internal struggle to talk properly.

“Yeah… My name is Gwenvyr. I will get you two out of here.”

She offered her hand to help him stand up.

“Gwen…” Robidna called for her, looking embarrassed. “Could you… Could you invoke some clothes?”

She smiled. With all that happened, she totally forgot that the three of them were completely naked.



Back to the present…

“Yeah, a lot of things happened that day…”

Gwenvyr cherished her own abdomen. Wondering how life could have been if that day ended differently.

“You know I’ll always love you. Whatever happens.” Gordon grabbed her butt cheeks firmly with his big strong hands. “And don’t you ever imagine that I would renounce to this booty.”

Gwenvyr grinned as many naughty thoughts came instantly over her mind.

“Yeh… You’d kill for it, honey.”

She felt in the mood for a sweet ride once again.

Alura may have taken a very precious part of herself in exchange for her power and the chance to save the world from that threat…

But at least Gwenvyr knew the future she wanted now.

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