Lustfall – Chapter 4

For a moment, there was only darkness. Then something pushed forward, an invisible force like a wind current, strong enough to carry her weight.

Fay stumbled with a rock when the world returned to its shape around her. It was still dark, however. She couldn’t see anything. The only two things she perceived were the hard touch of the stone floor under her feet and the hissing sound of water falling somewhere nearby.

“We are here.” Valyxa’s words echoed through the darkness.

“Where are we…?”

A humming sound followed by the dim light of auryl sparkles announced Valyxa’s spell-making. A fist-sized sphere of light appeared on her hand, casting away the darkness around them.

“This brings some memories…”

The pink-haired woman helped Fay getting up.

“Come on, she’s waiting for us.”

The magic ball lightened the place enough for Fay to recognize shapes and recover her orientation.

They were inside a cavern. A large opening in the rock supported by tall cylindric columns covered in luminescent moss. The central stone platform where they stood was wrapped in a crimson carpet, torn apart after years without proper care. What’s left of the carpet extended from one end of the room to the other, where a stepped platform led to a throne carved in stone.

Fay could see where the whispering sound of water flow came from. A water current made its way through the wall to the right as a waterfall to become a small stream below the stone platform.

Fay looked at the far end of the chamber, where the stone throne lied, bathed in the last beams of daylight that slipped through the broken ceiling. The dim light allowed her to catch a glimpse of the woman who was sitting on the throne, a dark-skinned figure with fiery mauve eyes.

“Took you long enough.” Her haunting voice reverberated against the walls.

“My apologies, Mistress.” Valyxa made a reverence before the woman after they got closer to the throne. “This is Fay. Fay, let me present you-”

“Let’s take a better look at you, shall we?” The dark woman snapped her fingers, a series of torches spread around the chamber lighted a fire with an unusual blue glow.

The room was now completely illuminated, and Fay could perfectly see her interlocutor. A fully naked woman who looked more demon than human. Her chestnut skin was covered with black scales all around her body, highlighting her ample curves.

She looked at Fay with a sharp face, those magenta eyes floating inside dark globes.

“Hmm…” Her plump lips twitched into a sinister smile.

Something about her made Fay feel in need to keep her gaze on her, she could not keep her eyes off her body, and Fay wanted not. She was… terribly beautiful.

“Let’s see…”

The demoness stood up, revealing a match of dark dragon wings below a short mane of red hair crowned by two pairs of black curved horns.

A thick and long tail ending in a triangle shaped tip with a black pearl in the middle rippled swiftly behind her legs. Oh yes, her legs… Fay noticed how her legs were so different from her own, her thighs were as full as her round buttocks, but from the knees down everything changed. She had these thick hardened limbs covered with large scales which ended in hooves instead of feet.

No doubt her three fingered hooves helped her look taller than every woman, at least than any of the other three present in that place.

Fay hadn’t noticed the third woman at first, but there she was. A silver-haired adult who was lying on the floor next to the throne, breathing heavily while she had her own hands grabbing her own crotch. She didn’t even notice Fay’s presence.

The demoness circled around Fay, examining her body.

“A-Are you another succubus…?”

“Hm… So Valyxa has been instructing you…?” The voluptuous demon glanced at the pink-haired woman before fixing her eyes on Fay one more time. “My name is Xenaryth and this is my sanctuary.”

She was now in front of Fay, just centimeters away, feeling her warm breath on her skin. Xenaryth’s swollen pointy nipples were almost poking Fay’s face on top of the engorged hills her boobs were. The tight valley formed between her buxom chest was the only thing Fay was able to see at that moment.

Fire rushed inside Fay, an electric feeling that went down her body, making her body numb.

‘No… resist it… Don’t fall… to the urge…’

“You are indeed… interesting. But I see nothing special in your aura. Perhaps you overestimate her, Valyxa?”

“With all due respect, Mistress, I did not. Look deeper.”

“Hmmm…” Xenaryth reached Fay with her hand, extending her taloned fingers over Fay’s belly. She moved the hand tracing a circle, searching for something. Fay sensed a rising warm inside her, calling for its release; a voice buried in the layers of her psyche yelling for freedom. Xenaryth’s eyes opened wide when she found what she was looking for. “This is… Ahhhh…!”

An ancient force screamed inside Fay, exploding in a burst of fire that ran through her veins. The pain… it was too much… but so refreshing…

“Enough!” Xenaryth removed her hand at once. She looked startled for a moment, she just had tasted something so powerful… but it was impossible… The Mistress stepped back while Fay fell to the ground, panting. “You… but it can’t be…”

“What’s wrong?” asked Valyxa.

Xenaryth shook her head.

“It’s… It’s nothing.” The Mistress regained her senses. “So it is true… You are quite a specimen, Fay.”

“Ah… Ah… I-I… W-What did you just…?” Fay could barely talk.

“Tell me Fay, who granted you the Primal Essence that lies inside your body?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“Is that so…? And here I thought you were playing the innocent role by deceiving my dearest Valyxa…”


“Silence! I’m speaking with Fay now.”

“Yes, Mistress…”

“I’ve made up my mind. Yes… You will serve me, Fay. I won’t allow you to become a succubus… but you will play a more suitable role.”

Fay’s anger suddenly burst with a built up confidence.

“I won’t ever work for the likes of you! Filthy demon!”

“Oh, my! Look… I don’t think you realize that you are not in a position to reject my offer.”

“I don’t care! Just let me go!”

Xenaryth grabbed Fay by the arms and lifted her in the air.

“Stubborn girl, you have no choice. You will do as I demand and if you play well your part… I don’t know… Maybe I’ll even reward you with my gift.” Xenaryth said after stretching out her long prehensile tongue and using it to lick Fay’s cheek.

The Mistress’s drool stuck on Fay’s skin, slowly getting under it, invading her soft pink surface and spreading her intoxicating juice on her system.

“Ahhh…” Fay let out a muffled moan. Her anger disappeared in a cloud of sweet remorse. “Damn you…”

“Don’t make things harder, darling. I’m trying to be magnanimous here. Not every person who dares to put its feet on this place receives the generous treatment I’m giving you.”

“And you call this… generous?”

Xenaryth dropped Fay onto the carpeted floor and turned her back. “Let me show you how generous I can be…” Said grinning. “Loreeth, come to me.”

The woman who was lying on the ground stood up by the Mistress command, she struggled to keep still as her legs trembled with every step she took. Her face was a poem of suffering and sexual denial.

“Now Fay, watch carefully. This is what people get when they please me gladly.”

Xenaryth took the woman called Loreeth between her arms, bringing her closer till she finally kissed her with her plump lips, savoring the sweet taste of her mouth, the pleasant feeling of their soft skin brushing into each other.

The Mistress pumped her tongue in, making its way into Loreeth’s throat. Fay saw how the woman’s neck swelled from the inside with Xenaryth’s thrust, her playful organ twitching and brushing inside Loreeth.

A long thick string of drool dripped from their mouths when Xenaryth moved away from the woman.

“Now Loreeth, are you ready to enter a world of lust? Do you wish to be reborn into the divine?” She caressed Loreeth’s cheeks with her taloned hands.

“I…I am, my Mistress, I want to please you forever…” The bewitched woman answered willingly.

“Then you shall receive my dark baptism.”

Xenaryth gave some space between her and Loreeth, her thick scaled tail danced vividly behind her, like it was awakening from a long slumber. The succubus moved her tail closer to Loreeth’s body, swaying around her belly.

“Let’s seal our covenant with the seed of the Mother!”

Xenaryth rested the pointy end of her tail over the woman’s navel, the black pearl on it shined, reflecting the light from the flames, when thin streams of a dark substance dropped from its center. Xenaryth moaned as the black liquid was secreted from her unique organ. The dark stream slipped into the woman’s navel and vanished under her skin just to reappear as a black stain which spread across the abdomen.

“Aaaaaaghhh…!” Loreeth screamed in ecstasy as the substance began to run through her body, dyeing her veins with a black hue as the corruption advanced to every limb. “This is… this is amazing…! Ahhh…!”

Her tanned skin gradually acquired a pale tone while the dark strings were about to reach Loreeth’s face. Her lips darkened, and her ears grew sideways by the moment her nails enlarged to become sharp talons on both her hands and feet.

Loreeth opened her mouth revealing a growing pair of fangs and a prehensile tongue that stuck out to reach the sky when the darkness reached for her eyes, turning her sclera into dark globes with bright red iris in their center.

The woman’s transformation was nearly over when her hair gained a new brighter tone of her already silver hue, waving around her body as she kept spasming with every burst of pleasure she enjoyed on her fall to darkness.

A pair of thin black horns finished growing behind her ears when her skin had finally acquired an entirely new pigment, having turned into an olive green, as well as their nipples, tongue, and pussy, which were now a darker shade of that same color.

Loreeth’s yelling turned into a screech in the final moments of her arousing transformation, lowering her tone as she buckled onto the floor, drowning in her own cloud of ecstasy while her lower thighs bathed in the moist fluids of pleasure.

“I am… I feel… Oh, my lady… This is just wonderful…!”

Fay was able to see how the stain in the woman’s navel receded under her belly, giving shape to a strange symbol that looked like a black twisted heart filled with thorns and spines.

She noticed a similar symbol on Xenaryth’s abdomen but with the difference that hers was wider and even more twisted. Now that she was thinking, Fay may have seen that symbol before in Valyxa’s naked body and Edge’s depictions of the succubus corruption…

‘Is this what they call the Covenant Sigil…?’

“Now rise, my child. Rise as the newborn succubus that you are.”

Fay’s mind was a whirlwind of feelings. She knew she had to be horrified by the woman’s fall but on the other hand, watching Loreeth’s enjoyment of the transformation with all her will, her entire body twitching and convulsing with pleasure… just made her envious of the woman’s fate.

Fay wanted it… She wanted it so badly that she surprised herself with her own hands rubbing her clit, seeking for a bit of that sweet pleasure.

The Mistress laugh reverberated once more in the chamber. “You can’t even control yourself, huh, darling?”


“What do you think of the succubus ascension? Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s the best kind of pleasure a woman can taste in this world… And only us succubi may provide such privileged experience.”

“Mistress…” It was the voice of the pleading woman who had just been turned. She was at her master’s feet, caressing her scaled legs. “I…I need to feed… so weak…”

Xenaryth looked at her with disgust.

“Oh, how utterly disappointing… A deviant. So do you want a meal?”

“Please, Mistress…”

“Then earn it yourself…” Xenaryth turned her eyes to the two women in front of her. “There you have two, pick your choice.” She giggled amusingly.

“But Mistress…”


Loreeth struggled on the floor, trying to get up, she couldn’t even rely on her knees. She crawled instead, descending the stairs one at a time as she tried to reach for Fay. Hunger was everything she had on her mind, her face reflecting that need, drooling herself as she licked her lips, savoring the moment.

Fay was so absorbed in her own attempt to reach for that moment of ecstasy that she didn’t notice Loreeth’s approach till she felt the warm touch of her green fingers.

“Nooooo!!” Fay screamed in terror. A burst of energy went across her body and exploded outward.

A light explosion engulfed Fay’s body, illuminating the room with its red glowing. Loreeth’s body lifted into the air with the force of ten men and dropped violently onto the floor.

“Eeaarrgh… Anh… Miss…tress… She’s too powerful… I can’t…” Loreeth begged to her master, trying to reach for the protection of her hooves.

“Hmpf, what a waste.” Xenaryth moved her leg away from the sick newborn succubus as she continued speaking. “You, however, are resulting more interesting than I thought, Fay. You can also awaken your power through rage or terror… That’s more demon-like than succubish…” She then turned to Valyxa. “Did she fucked with a demon already?”

“I don’t know…”

“You don’t know? Why do I have you in Lumnex for, tourism?”

“Maybe she had…”

“Just maybe?”

“She might feed on a demon warrior, Mistress…”

“That’s more likely.” She came back to Fay. “So despite your return to human you retained the powers you absorbed. Oh, my…”

Fay didn’t pay attention to the succubus words. She was focused contemplating her own hand, the source of the previous magic explosion that sent Loreeth sky high. It was red, black talons had usurped her previously well-done manicure, and now a red taint had spread over to her elbow.

“No! No! Please no!”

Xenaryth shook her head.

“Valyxa, if you please…”

The pink-haired woman grabbed a vial of orange fluid from her waist pouch and move toward Fay. Without asking, she opened her mouth and made the shocked Fay drink the whole content of it.

Fay felt the soothing effect taking over her body, calming her senses. The red taint on her hand began to disappear while her mind faded to black.


The red muscled demon threw the silver tray to the floor with a strong sway of his arm, scattering all the food and drink that Joyd had offered him with all his good intentions when he opened his eyes after a long slumber.

“You should take it easy after what you’ve been through, pal.”

“Fuck you, Joyd!”

“Hey! I’m just trying to help!” Joyd backed off when Shakron’s red fist swung from the right, trying to punch him with all his strength.

“Help?! You dare talk about help after your little trick almost killed me?!”

“Oh, come on… I was just testing a theory, and look! You even had some fun!”

“Damn thing almost sucked me dry!”

“Bus she didn’t, right? Isn’t she lovely?”

“I’m gonna kill you!”

Shakron leaned forward in an attempt to tackle the white robbed man just to end on the floor when his legs betrayed him.

He felt weak. A large part of his life force was sucked by that monster, and now he was suffering the effects of the succubus drain in his body.

“Try not to hurt yourself, buddy.”

Shakron sat up on the bed with difficulty.

“Your debt to me just got much higher, keep that in mind.”



“You might owe me one. Wondering who brought you home before any more harm was done to your precious body?”

“Do you really think that even count for something?”

“Pretty much. Especially after I saved you from another succubus.”

“Another one…?! What is happening? What kind of sick games are you playing at, Joyd?”

“I have nothing to do with it. It just happened. Thank you, by the way.”

Shakron buried his face in his hands.

“I have to inform about this. If succubi spread it can only get worse-”

“I’d rather prefer you wouldn’t. Panic will spread around Lumnex’s auryle society if they find out… It’s just been a sporadic phenomenon.”

“Are you asking me to shut my mouth about this?”

“I’m asking you to keep the heads of all of us over our shoulders. What do you think will happen when they realize you’ve been touched by a succubus?”

Joyd’s words sounded like a mere excuse, but Shakron understood what he was trying to say.

“A hunt?”

“You know how bloody they can get, they forgive no one. Whole Lumnex could burn.”

Shakron shook his head.

“Damn, you’re right.”

Joyd ignited his hands with golden sparkles as the auryl around them aligned in thin strings, giving shape to the spell he was casting. The drink and food spilled all over the floor lifted in the air and returned to the levitating tray as if they were driven by the wind.

Everything returned to its previous state, just before Shakron had ruined it with his rage.

“Trust me, it’s the best for all of us.”

Shakron didn’t entirely believe Joyd’s words but hell, he was too weak to complain.

“I suppose so…”

“Now take some rest. Let me handle the succubus.”

Joyd headed for the apartment’s door.



“As soon as this is dealt with, I want you out of Lumnex.”

The white-robbed man sighed.

“Yeah, I figured… What a pity, this city is gorgeous.”

The door closed with a slam after Joyd’s departure.

“Damn you, damn this!”


“How rude of you to pass out in the middle of my demonstration, Fay.”

Xenaryth stood up before her, grabbing a feeble Loreeth by the arms.

“Such an ungrateful guest you are.”

Fay examined her hands, they looked like the used to be. She didn’t transform in the end, her fear was misplaced. The only threat she had now was… that succubus.

“Now Fay, you will see what happens to those who disappoint me.”

In a sudden motion, the hand of Xenaryth pierced through Loreeth’s chest, dark blood gushing from the open wound.

“Uaarggh… Aargh… B-But… w-why, Mistress?”

Fay stifled her scream between her hands.

“No one lets me down, sweetheart.”

Loreeth’s yelling drowned in a cloud of light when Xenaryth’s hand closed into a fist. The green body of the turned succubus exploded into golden sparkles curling around a spiral formation, accompanied by dark strings of corrupted auryl.

Xenaryth gathered all the essence around her hand, giving it the shape of a sphere that rippled with every move. She then took the sphere closer to her face and opened her mouth in an abnormal wideness.

Fay gasped when she saw the light disappearing inside the succubus mouth.

“Pure souls always taste better than corrupted ones, anyway…” Xenaryth licked her lips.

“W-Why did you do that…?”

“Oh, my dear, that silly woman didn’t prove worthy of my gift. I don’t have room for useless pricks.”

“Y-You are a monster!”

“Hah, hah, don’t make me laugh. I was merciful with her. I ended Loreeth’s misery before she would’ve turned a worthless parasite.”

“She was asking for help…”

“And that’s not the way of my children. You, however, are quite a defiant gal for the innocent look you portray. Hmm… the idea of turning you sounds so tempting… But I have a better use for you in mind.”

“Forget it.”

“Valyxa has told me that you are a librarian in that Red Quill place… You even hold the title of sorceress…”

‘How did Valyxa find out? Wait! My quill…’

Fay looked at the pink-haired woman.

“Did you pried into my stuff?”

Valyxa looked away.

“I thought you were-”

“What?! Your friend?” Xenaryth guffawed at Fay’s assumption. “Valyxa has a mission and knows exactly what her place is, my dear, as so you’ll learn.”

“No way I’m gonna work for you.”

Xenaryth sat on the throne, crossing her legs.

“You don’t have a choice, darling. Either this or you’ll end up like Loreeth, or even worse…”

“But I-”

“I wouldn’t try to upset the Mistress if I were you, Fay.” After a long silence, Valyxa dared to talk.

It looked like Fay didn’t have much choice.

“I-I…” She sighed. “What do you need me to do…?”

“That’s the spirit.” Xenaryth applauded. “You, my dear Fay, are gonna be our little spy in the Library. You, who are still a human and don’t show any traces of succubus taint, may reach places inside the order that are inaccessible for us.”

“I think you should find another, I’m just a novice…”

“Nuh-huh, you’re exactly what I need. An innocent girl who knows nothing of the magic world and just been introduced to this society, you’re perfect for this task. No one would suspect a thing.”

“Pretty sure they won’t let me snoop around every corner as an apprentice, especially restricted areas.”

“They’ll let you in time. When you become a confident and trustworthy sorceress.”

Xenaryth’s grin was as wide as hell.

“Surely you’ll have met with Gwenvyr Oxorn, fascinating woman, isn’t she?”

Fay nodded, remembering the thick blue-haired woman who ran as Archiver in the library.

“She has something that I’m looking for. Not with her, of course, but hidden somewhere. I want you to find where this place is and tell Valyxa when you find out.”

“That’s all? N-Not very specific…”

“Hmm…” Xenaryth glared at Fay, thinking for a second. “Yeah, how would you know…? It’s a small object, it looks like a crystal prism of dark red coloring. Something you wouldn’t miss in a room full of marbles. You find where Gwenvyr hides her precious stuff, and we’ll handle the rest.”

“I don’t know if I will find what you’re looking for…”

Xenaryth crossed her legs one more time.

“You’ll do great, I’ll make sure you do as I commanded or else… well, you can imagine…”

“I-I’ll try.”

Fay was trembling. The fear she had at that moment was only rivaled by the anger she was trying to contain. Why was that happening to her? Why things always had to complicate?

“Valyxa, take Fay home. This has been enough for today. Fay, you have your mission, don’t forget.”

“I w-won’t…” Xenaryth glared at her from above, like she was waiting. “…Mistress.”

“You may go.”

Valyxa helped Fay stand up and led her back to the other side of the chamber, where they went through a new portal under the watchful eye of Xenaryth.

“If I play well my cards, this could bring my path to Ascension…” Xenaryth talked to herself. “But Enchantress… I’m afraid your time has passed for younger generations to take your mantle…”


Valyxa and Fay appeared back in the alley they were before entering the portal to Xenaryth’s lair.

Fay relied on the wall and took a deep breath.

“I can’t believe this. Now I’m a succubus pawn.”

“You are no one’s pawn, Fay.” Valyxa tried to comfort her.

“Yeah, sure! And what about you? For a moment I thought you were a nice person, but you stood there still like nothing happened! That woman was just… killed… like nothing…”

“The Mistress is very demanding…”

“You could have helped her…!”

“That wasn’t my call…”

“And who was it, your Mistress?”

“That’s how things are with her…”

“I can’t believe it… How could you even be under her service after that?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Yeah, it looks pretty simple, you’re her slave.”

“I don’t expect you to understand. Look, I owe her my life, my… Damn, I owe her everything! And you should watch your tongue, Fay!”

“What’s the point anyway! I’m doomed… right? No way I’ll ever find that thing, and I’m gonna end up eaten by that monster.”

“You’re not. Fay… I… I’m sorry you had to face Xenaryth. I didn’t want her to use you but…”

“You just gotta obey her, am I wrong?”

Valyxa nodded slowly.

“Look, these are how things are now… I promise you that nothing will harm you, not even her.”

“I find that hard to believe…”

“I understand that you are angry…”

Fay glared at Valyxa.

‘You bet.’

“Let me take you home as a way to compensate things…”

‘Compensate things? Was she talking seriously?’

As a matter of fact, Fay felt exhausted after the long day she had. The thought of getting home and grabbing the bed to warm herself under the blankets sounded like the best idea at that moment.

“Yeah, sure…” She said with disdain.

“Think in your room.”


Valyxa placed three fingers on Fay’s forehead while drumming her fingers on her palm with the other hand.

“Trust me, just picture it in your mind.”

Fay couldn’t avoid thinking of her home when Valyxa mentioned it.

“There it is.” Valyxa placed her hand before her, opening a new portal with the destination set. Reflections of the location where the ethereal tunnel ended rippled with every wave of the twisting magical fabric.

It looked like watching at the interior of her house through an empty glass.

“Come on.”

Valyxa invited Fay to step into the portal.

“You’re not coming?”

“Nay, you’ve gotten enough of us for today. Just take some rest now. Remember what we’ve told you and be ready for future calls.”


“Hey, Fay… Everything is gonna be okay.”

“Sure… Bye, Valyxa.”

Without further delay, Fay entered the portal and found herself in her own bedroom.

‘Home, sweet home.’

Fay threw her bag to the floor, untied her boots and let her body drop over her comfy bed.

‘At last…’

Fay lied there for a few seconds, stretched over the soft blanket on her bed, trying to relax and forget the madness she has lived in the last days.

“Hey!” A sharp, familiar voice came from inside the room.

‘It can’t be…!’

Fay sat up. A talking book stood on the floor next to her opened bag. The book had what they looked like limbs: arms and legs, which it used to support its own weight.

“Edge? What the hell? How did you…?”

“Oh, I might have slipped into your bag when your friend Debbie wasn’t looking… I can be very sneaky sometimes…” Edge laughed.

“A-And… you can… walk?”

“Yeah! Pages twenty-seven and forty-two can turn into arms, and both seventh and two-hundred-and-thirty-sixth may fold into legs… Also, page fifty may bring a surprise or two…”

“Wonder what it would be… Never mind…”

Fay shook her head.

“If you were in my bag all the time, why didn’t you say anything till now?”

“With all that happened and those two greedy succubi lurking around? Are you insane? I might end serving that mad primal succubus.”

“Primal succubus? Do you mean Xenaryth?”

“Who else…? Oh, sorry, forgot who I was talking to…”

Fay rolled her eyes.

“A primal succubus is the next stage after full succubus. They are powerful succubi who had fed on Highlord’s essence, so they have evolved into nasty creatures themselves.”


“So much to learn, Fay! Highlords are the highest ranked entities in their respective kingdoms. In the case of demons they receive the name of Deeplords and celestials have their Skylords. You don’t want to mess with these guys.”

“So they’re their leaders?”

“In most cases yes, but not necessarily.”

“Does your records talk about either Xenaryth or Valyxa?”

“No. Xenaryth might be an ancient succubus from the times of Lilith but surely not a known one, and she has hidden her tracks pretty well. As for Valyxa, all hints she’s a young one, turned recently, maybe some years ago.”

“Okay, Edge, thanks.”

“Don’t you want to learn anything else today?”

“I’m tired. Tomorrow I’ll ask you more, just… check the recipe book in the kitchen or something…”

“Hey! Don’t underestimate cooking books! They could hold many secrets…”

“Really…?” Fay asked with a lazy tone.

Lying on the bed again, Fay rested her hands on her belly. It was warm… no… It was hot, a heat that she has been ignoring all day. A sensation that was going down her body.

Fay led her hands to follow the heat, caressing her groin skin till she reached under her panties. She was a bit moist, but she didn’t think…

“Ah…” Just when she touched her clit, an electrifying sensation went all across her back. “Damn… Fuck it…!”

She stripped down her dark stockings, then her undies followed.

Fay used her fingers to stretch her own labia, feeling a drop of sweat dripping down the smelling opening.

The scent of her own loins reached her nose when she licked her fingers after rubbing them on the pink skin of her pussy. The sweet aroma rooted deep inside of her.

Her gray eyes glowed with a blue light just as her mind betrayed her with nasty thoughts of twisted morality. Recalling the memory of Loreeth’s fall into darkness, the sight of that woman’s transformation into a full new life made her shivered, it was so… beautiful, so arousing… Fay couldn’t help but imagine how could it be to have such a power like that… turning your beloved into your own image… giving them a gift of power they’d never forget, and changing their fate forever…

She found herself rubbing with her fingers with such intense she couldn’t stop, even if she wanted to. The pleasure was there, waiting… but she couldn’t reach it, something didn’t let her.

“Edge…!” She yelled between moans.

The grimoire appeared through the kitchen’s door.

“Yes…? Oh…”

“What did you say about page fifty…?”

“Don’t worry, love. It will work nicely.”

The talking book jumped on the bed and got closer to Fay’s body just to open itself by the middle, turning its pages to the designated one.

Blue magic circles shined in the midst of golden sparkles. A long, thick blue staff appeared when the fog vanished. It was slightly curved, and its length seemed to vary as it closed on Fay.

She grabbed it with her hand, it was thicker than she imagined and had a funny feeling to the touch, like it was rippling, vibrating. With care, she placed it in her opening vagina, which felt ready to take it.

Fay screeched when she felt the phallic ethereal member entering her to reach the bottom end of her insides.

“Oh, ah… this is… quite a lot…”

She pushed it in and out softly a few times, trying to get used to its length and shape, moaning with every stroke of its rough surface against her loins.

Her own lubricant soon covered the magic stick, making it easier to slip through. It felt… amazing.

Fay realized how the staff also moved by itself inside of her, twitching its tip up and down, kissing her womb with its steady strokes. It was driving her mad, that sweet moment was near, she felt it…

She moved the staff faster and harder, trying to accelerate her own rhythm, desperately seeking for her need to be fulfilled. She felt it closer, bigger, but something was making it fade away, not able to reach it, like a fog that vanishes after the sun comes from a rainy day.

“Oh my gosh…”

Fay was covered in sweat as she kept trying to suppress her constant moaning, but as long as she continued rubbing and thrusting, the climax seemed to avoid her, not letting her reach the peak she was yearning for.

“Hell… Why can’t I…? Oh, my… I need to… Please…”

It was useless, after long minutes of trying different positions and rhythms, she was exhausted, and her pain wasn’t eased. Something was built between her will and the pleasure she was seeking, like a denying barrier that dissipated the ecstasy of her lewd efforts.


“Wait a second… Valyxa gave me something when I was about to transform in Xenaryth’s… right?”

The blue staff slipped out of Fay and vanished in a golden mist.

“Seems like it.” Edge answered.

“It must’ve been one of those vials… So I can’t reach orgasm… Fuck!”

“That tongue!”

“What a perfect day… I can’t even finish myself properly… gosh…”

Fay grabbed her belly with her hands, still feeling the heat inside her, the pain she had to relieve…

“I suppose you don’t have anything to counter that effect, Edge?”

“I do, but it’s been hours since you drink that stuff. It’s already deep into your system so no much can be done. It will dispel along the night, though.”

“Damn it…!”


Fay sighed.

“It’s okay… Just… I’ll try to sleep…”

“Good night, Fay.”

Edge stepped down the bed and walked back to the kitchen, leaving a sobbing Fay trying to get her sweat curved body under the bed sheets.

“You owe me an orgasm or two, Valyxa,” Fay mumbled as she closed her eyes, trying to get asleep while her pain soothed slowly in her body. “I hate my life…!”

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