Welcome to Lustfall

Ok folks!

I’ll try to make this short.

I have opened this blog to share with all of you the stories I’m working on. I’m just an amateur and I’m doing it as a hobby so don’t expect state of the art texts, I will make mistakes, many of them, specially when I’m writing stories in english, which isn’t my native language. But I’ll try to improve myself one step at a time and hope to deliver you stories that you can enjoy as much as I do writing them.

So what are these stories about? Simple, they will all be around the same setting of erotic fantasy. Stories about power, corruption and explicit sexual encounters with a strong presence of demons and other mythical beings. The stories that I want to tell won’t be mere placeholders to justify the presence of sex, as I try to tell epic stories that will explore and develop the characters involved on them.

So that should pretty much be the purpose of this blog, a corner for all of you who enjoy this type of stories. Feel free to reblog them and share to everyone you know (as long as you keep references to the original work and credit the author, who shall be me).

Thank you for reading and till next time!!